Tips for Building A Solid 2021 Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that online marketers and businesses who fix goals are much more likely to find triumph than those who don’t. Yet, we believe it’s crucial to indicate that not all goals are created evenly. You have to make smart goals and incorporate a plan to move with those goals. When you set up a marketing plan in 2021, you need to establish a plan that distinguishes your goals, specifies your target audience, and how you plan to achieve them.


This is the time to critically assess your marketing activity from the last year and put together strategies for the year ahead. For several businesses, 2020 marketing ideas were mostly ripped up and sent out the window at the outbreak of COVID-19. Still, in this uncommon and insecure economic environment, there is still an opportunity to reflect on the results of the activities that were executed last year and consider your marketing program and plans for 2021. We’ve already noted a major shift in how companies approach their marketing, where preferences have shifted from sales to retention, and modern ways of communication have been taken up at speed to integrate teams and reach clients.

Businesses which flourish take the time to systematically nurture marketing programs and plan to set them up with purpose. To lend you a helping hand, we have put together some components to incorporate into your business marketing plan for 2021.

Why Do You Need a Marketing Plan?

When you break it down, the comprehensive goal of a marketing strategy is to support you to do a range of things. Initially, a great marketing plan should lay out an evaluation of how your business was in last year, especially when it comes to digital presence. It should also provide an outline of your marketing goals and what you wish to achieve this year. Your 2021 marketing strategy should also specify and set your target audience, as well as outline any planning you will carry out to meet your goal. It should also set a marketing budget and outline who will manage various responsibilities.


We believe it is effective to construct a marketing plan at the beginning of each year, so set out a plan for accomplishing your goals. Don’t forget that the digital landscape constantly varies, so make sure that your marketing strategy can keep up with changing trends throughout this year.

Understand Your Market

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Understanding your present clients, their distinct requirements, challenges, and how their businesses will fit and change over this year should be an outset when setting your audience. Even if you have a clear idea of what your audience is, it is a good idea to update your profiles as your brand evolves along with the market.

Lay Out Your Goals

One of the first steps to setting up your marketing strategy is to define your goals. Defining clear goals and targets will benefit you by helping you drive traffic and pick up more leads. Setting up smart goals will help you to set up a clear strategy with actionable steps to reach the desired outcomes.


Follow the SMART method (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals) to lay out goals clearly. This framework will help track data to support whether or not you are achieving that goal within a specific time frame.

Know Your Audience

The next step is determining your target audience. Your marketing plan should be customised to specific buyer personas so that you can precisely target your audience.


Documented customer personas can help you exceed your goals by gathering information about audience needs and purchase barriers. You can then prioritise each persona depending on age, gender, audience size, purchasing power and more. Using the customer personas, you can set up distinct strategies to market your products or services in a unique way to appeal to your audience.

Understand Your USP

Next, you need to establish your business’ Unique Selling Point (USP). Sometimes called a “unique selling proposition”, this specialised offering is what makes your business and services stand out from your competition. Incorporating a quality USP into your strategy will help you define your niche in the market. Do you cite better costs? Greater quality products? Preeminent advice and proficiency? Understand what you have to offer and plan to promote it thoughtfully.


Having the USP at the forefront of your mind when creating your marketing strategy will help you bring customers to your business instead of your competitors. Taglines can be a great way to swiftly and smoothly state what your business does and their uniqueness, in a succinct and catchy way.

Here, it’s already mentioned that marketers who set targets are far more successful than those who don’t. But without a business strategy to reach that target, everything you are fantasising about will be difficult to make into reality. Which is why you should establish a marketing strategy in 2021 that is actionable with SMART goals. We believe it’s crucial to ensure your strategy is resilient and realistic for you and your team to actually accomplish with the time and resources at hand. Don’t forget to track analytics to ensure your efforts are leading you to gain more clients and revenue for your business.

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