How live chat gives you better customer service.

The time you take to respond to a query on your website plays a vital role in customer satisfaction. In other words, responding faster to a potential customer is your key to better customer interaction and conversion.

You don’t want your potential customers to wait until they lose interest in your products/services.

Fast and timely responses are important to gain customer trust. It indicates how much you value your audience and how committed you are to your brand. People don’t wish to be a part of the common world. They want to be a part of something unique, something with passion.

And live chat is one of the quickest ways to win their attention.

It used to be lousy.

Live chat used to be horrible in the past.

One had to wait for over 10 minutes only to get a message asking them to visit their FAQ or call their business number.

Clearly, you don’t need another reason to hate that brand. And by the time the brand responds to your message, you might have long forgotten about their products/services.

However, this isn’t the case anymore. Today, live chat is one of the best tools used by brands around the globe

Excellent customer service. Increased conversion.

It doesn’t matter if you are a B2B or an E-commerce platform, live chat helps your brand to provide personalised, quick responses to your potential customers. After all, what shouts ‘customer satisfaction’ better than a brand that’s ready to engage with their audience 24/7?

Here are the reasons why you need a live chat.

  • Respond faster for better leads

Being there for your customers around the clock is a huge way to increase your leads. This is because we are living in a fast-paced world and no one wants to wait. If you fail to deliver what is required then they will bounce back and click on the lead next to yours.

Think about it.

You go to a webpage to purchase a product. The product is pretty cool but you have a query that is not listed in the FAQs. You might visit their contact page and send an email enquiry. You will try to sit patiently as you refresh your email, again and again, waiting for a response. Well, you will go looking for a similar product elsewhere. The brand missed an easy sale.

  • It keeps your brand alive 24/7

The world is getting more global with each passing day and you can’t expect to get enquiries only during business hours. Hence, the new business motto is to be there for your customers when they need you.

The solution? Bots.

Live chat helps your brand to interact with your customers even if you are not online/working. With live chat, you can customise your responses based on common user queries. The service enables you to anticipate a potential customer query and to be ready with your response before-hand. You can also use the bots to measure user experience.

So if you think live chat is one of the best tools for your business, give us a call. We’re always happy to help set things up.

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