The Facebook “Boost” Button: How to use it to boost posts for better ROI?

You have an awesome Facebook page and are posting attractive content for your audience, too. Yet, if you are still striving to gain visibility and produce more engagement, difficulties doing so can be due to the modification in Facebook’s algorithms and the cutback in organic reach. Unless you are followed by thousands of users, your organic posts are likely not to hit as many users as you would like.


So, what’s the next option?

Well, the answer lies in boosting your Facebook posts. While publishing organic content on Facebook is free, if you need your marketing attempts to bear more social fruit, you definitely need to use the power of paid ads. Without complicating your advertising regime, one means to do that is through a “Boosted Post” on Facebook. You can leverage a Facebook Post Boost, which is a simplified ad tool for better handling of your organic Facebook content to get more visibility.

Do Boosted Facebook Posts Really Lead To Increased ROI?

Here we look at what Facebook’s “Boost Posts” are, how you can boost a Facebook post, when to boost, and whether boosting a post is really worth it.

What is a Facebook Boosted Post?

In simple terms, a Facebook Boosted Post is putting extra money on an organic piece of content to turn it into a paid ad. Facebook boosting indicates spending your ad budget on a particular post, “boosting” it to a further reach, to build up your post reach to a respective audience.


Applicable to anybody with a business page, boosting extends a hassle-free means of advertising on Facebook as you don’t require the insight of Facebook’s complex platform for creating Facebook ads, Ads Manager. You can easily choose a post from your Page’s timeline and put some money on the post, enabled by the “Boost Post” button.

Boosting a Facebook post can benefit to get your content seen by more users. This can consist of those who don’t follow your Page, but may have an interest in your business, or whatever you wish to target within Facebook’s parameters.

Why Facebook Launched Boosted Posts?

In 2012, Ad Manager of Facebook was still in its initial stages, and most business holders noticed it being not user-friendly. Then, Facebook proposed a simpler way to guarantee your content and reach more users – a “Promoted Post.”

This feature facilitated marketers to establish a campaign from within your Facebook Page without having to proceed to Facebook’s ads platform. “Promote Post” was subsequently changed to “Boost Post.”

With the decline in organic reach of business content and engagement rates, predominantly due to the modification in Facebook’s algorithms, boosted posts were launched to benefit brands to get more users to see their content.

Benefits of Boosting a Facebook Post

Let’s check some sobering news for Facebook marketers. According to publishing software Hootsuite, organic reach is declining to approximately 5.2%. You simply cannot depend on the Facebook algorithm to get your organic content to reach all of your desired audiences without an extra push. Even users who follow your Page may look at just a fraction of what you post or share.


Benefits of a Boosted Post: Why use the Boost Button?

Facebook’s Boost Post button is the quickest and simple way to get your posts in front of more people. This is how Facebook Post Boost benefits you:

  • You can reach more of the desired audience. Boosting a Facebook post broadens your audience beyond users who already follow you. With the built-in targeting choices, you can be confident that you can reach the people who are most expected to be interested in what you extend.
  • You can initiate a primitive Facebook ad in just a few moments, it’s quick and easy. Just pick a post and choose a few options (your objective, call to action, audience settings, budget and a few more prerequisites). It all appears on one screen, and your ad can be up and running in five minutes or less. You can even promote your ad from your mobile device.
  • You can check your analytics. When you boost a post, you will be able to access relevant analytics that demonstrate how well the post functioned. This can help you to understand what works best for your Facebook marketing objectives, so you can improve your Facebook strategy over time.
  • You can extend the Facebook engagements to Instagram. When you boost a Facebook post, you can also run it on Instagram. This is an effortless way to reach even more potential audiences!

When is the Right Time to Boost a Post on Facebook?

There is no such thing as “ideal timing”, but there are few elements that can expand your return on investment when it comes to boosting money into a Facebook post.

To start with, give your post some time to make an organic reach before you boost it. While there is no optimal timeframe (so long as the content remains relevant), wait at least some hours before you click that button. This gives you a chance to see what kind of engagement you are receiving organically to begin with.


Then, set the target for the post and ensure the copy, images, and CTA are all functioning together to inspire viewers to take a distinct action (Do you want them to shop? Visit your website to learn more? Make sure your message is clear telling your audience exactly what you want them to do).

Finally, you require to choose if boosting makes sense for your objectives when compared to other ad choices.

Maximise ROI from Your Facebook Posts

You can make ads to reach specific business objectives like expanding sales or building your email list. Boosting a post on Facebook confides on the same fundamentals; it requires supporting an objective that will back your brand. After all, there is no point in investing money, unless it will drive you to improved growth opportunities. Before you boost a post, always choose your goal carefully and pick a post that associates with it appropriately.

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