The Best Marketing, Media and Digital Podcasts for Industry Insights, Business Tips & Latest News

Marketing relies hugely on communication with customers. When used as a part of a strong content strategy, podcasts can be used by brands and businesses to connect with audiences more closely and personally. The informative and more casual “radio-on-demand” content format has grown hugely in recent years, with the ease of listening to a podcast while doing other tasks making them more widely accessible. So, businesses are keen to strategise marketing through the podcast scene, including marketers.

Podcasts can be a convenient and palatable way to learn about any topic that piques your interest, and you can enjoy them when driving, during a public commute, or during a workout session, etc. The concern is, with a lot of marketing podcasts out there nowadays, it can be hard to know where to start with when searching for standout marketing knowledge.

For the past few years, marketing podcasts are entertaining and educating the audiences worldwide with the latest tips and tricks from industry experts. Let’s take a look at some of the best marketing, media and digital podcasts here and see how they can help inform their audiences (that could be you!) to get in touch with effective marketing strategies.

Social Pros Podcast

Together Jay Baer & Adam Brown are co-hosts of the Social Pros Podcast, a podcast that specialises in sharing the latest trends and updates on social media platforms. Both hosts are impressive in conveying information on all social-related topics, and do it with engaging storytelling. So undoubtedly, this lively podcast is more than just being informative. Social Pros introduces a range of social media specialists who carry out the real performance for different businesses.


Every episode covers insights from a top-class social media strategist, covering ongoing trends and ideas across different social media platforms. This is conducted and endorsed by Jay Baer and Adam Brown of Convince & Convert and Salesforce. At the end of each episode, the team are keen to carry out a question-answer session all about social media.

Why Social Pros Podcast?

Social Pros Podcast always comes up with the latest social media statistics taken from people in the industry who are carrying out social media work for real agencies and companies. Getting to know how a brand’s strategy was shaped and accomplished with tips from an insider gives great insight on how you can grow your business.

The Marketing Companion

Marketing Companion is the podcast that is popularly addressed as a “Snicker bar wrapped in bacon”. This is presented by Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster who have tremendous marketing experience of almost fifty years between them. It is not only entertaining but an informative dialogue, as both hosts are also very keen to conduct the show in an entertaining format by mixing humour with facts.

This show is exactly for anyone who is interested in innovation, and for those who are in search of contrasting ways to truly utilise data for results. You can expect outstanding visions and ideas from these two smart hosts on a range of in-depth marketing topics. With each episode, they come up with some hard-hitting queries about present scenarios in the marketing industry.


Why Marketing Companion?

  • Experience of the hosts’ work in the industry plays a game-changing role in this show.
  • The hosts speak more about the future aspects of digital marketing, sales and what it is going to carry out in the upcoming days or months.
  • The hosts are not scared to ask bold and audacious questions, and they even come up with boundary-pushing ideas that are not always in alignment with the majority’s.
  • You will feel the close bonding between your hosts while listening to the show!
  • Even if you don’t have much to contribute to the discussion, you will still have pleasure seeing these guys interact with each other and feel comfortable like listening to friends.

Social Business Engine

This podcast is presented by Bernie Borges, the CEO of Find and Convert. In each episode, you can listen to interviews with prominent social business heads (mainly from big-name enterprises).


In each of the interviews, they share their experiences with distinct digital marketing fields like content marketing, social media, social marketing, advocacy and influencer marketing.

Listening to this podcast makes it a great opportunity to get in touch with what are the various means through which social media is handled inside a business to overall give optimum results. Brands like Dell, Discover Card, LinkedIn, Oracle, Humana Safeway, U.S. Marines, SAP, Walmart, Whole Foods and others are showcased in the program.

This podcast is mainly concentrating on big businesses, but it still benefits everybody here. The basic principles can help any marketer.

Why the Social Business Engine?

  • Social Business Engine concentrates more on influencer marketing and advocates. This is somewhat of a less explored area for most social media marketing podcasts, which makes the Social Business Engine an excellent resource. 
  • Fans of certain brands and logos influence more people to buy that product. Therefore, a lot of conversations in this podcast cover topics about advocates and influencers today. Advocates are consumers who love a certain brand, and influencers are one with a considerably broader reach and following that could benefit the brand. Social Business Engine presents shows where they describe modifying advocates into influencers.

Inside Social Media


Inside Social Media is hosted by Rick Mulready. The show discusses all facets of social media, social media selling, content marketing and business ideas, introducing you to the latest and smartest tips and tricks for developing your business through digital marketing.

This podcast highlights good ideas about how the most profitable brands worldwide are best utilising social media. The show also discusses how you can model social marketing strategies for startup businesses with just a limited budget.

The Inside Social Media podcast presents leaders of social media from the prominent brands across the world, as well as the sharpest influencers in various social media platforms. Discussions are always backed up with the real-world marketing scenarios, strategies, successful marketing models, and how you can benefit your business from social media.

The show also highlights the use of digital marketing strategies among social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, and Pinterest. Listening to this podcast will help your business to grow effectively in the realm of socials!

Why Inside Social Media?

  • This podcast features the leaders of the most wealthy businesses such as Redbull, Ford, and Whole Foods to share their social media marketing strategies. You can hear about the models and principles used for their success and how you can practice similar social media strategies to benefit your business.
  • You can listen to an interview with Ford’s global Social Media head, Scott Monty about the importance of keeping your eyes and ears open in business 
  • Start-ups could take ideas from this show as Inside Social Media always assures to include relevant ideas from guests speakers that can be applicable advice for businesses of all scales

Marketing School

Marketing School is hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Siu. They share marketing strategies with real-world experience and expertise (Neil Patel is one of the greatest modern marketers, after all). This show points out daily marketing insights, perks, and techniques in shorter, more digestible but comprehensive podcasts. They cover compatible ideas to help every business to revamp their marketing skills.


You can also hear incredible marketing tactics by listening to the techniques that Patel and Siu have shared, and their excellence is proven in the loyalty of their audience. The Marketing School is one of the shows having more than 750,000 downloads per month and is expecting nearly 1 million soon.

Why Marketing School?

  • Both Neil Patel and Eric Siu are proven professionals in digital marketing platforms. With extensive work experience, they have benefited various firms to get impressive results with SEO, social media, paid search, email marketing, content marketing, and more.
  • They know the right path, and the show hands over solid guidance into distinct digital marketing systems and tools in a simple way.

Socialette Podcast

Australian social media specialist Steph Taylor presents this bite-sized online marketing show, the Socialette Podcast. The show mainly focuses on business owners, with short and snappy episodes intensively covering one main topic each. Steph Taylor comes up with solutions for all kinds of business marketing queries, especially explaining every element of content marketing, online marketing, social media tips and social marketing strategies for business people.


Why Socialette Podcast?

  • The show always gives confidence to all kinds of business owners to come out of their fear and launch new ideas and digital products. 
  • Short on time? This podcast comes up with simple and clear points which are easy to grasp.
  • Learn about social media fast, in manageable chunks, and all coming from an Aussie perspective

Download This Show

Download This Show is hosted by Sydney sider and well-known journalist, media personality, and film critic Marc Fennell. This podcast is all about discussing the latest developments in technology, social media, gadgets and digital platforms. Marc Fennell presents the show in an entertaining way with a mix of 2 guests each week who work in the tech or media industries. With Marc Fennel’s engaging and inquisitive approach, the show unravels the latest in the tech industry, stories about hacks, social media trends, VR, and more. Download This Show was one of ABC’s award-winning podcasts.

Credits: ABC Radio National

Why Download This Show?

  • The podcast covers a combination of different topics each week, thus it benefits the audience in many ways but it helps to keep you up to date on what is happening in the tech and social media world
  • The show delivers interesting facts and opinions on the latest tech news, mixing serious with fun elements from the viewpoints of industry experts
  • This Show has introduced prominent guests like Tim Berners Lee (WWW), Ang Lee, Ted Sarandos from Netflix, and many more. 
  • Their talks are focused mainly on the Australian media landscape and tech which influences the likes of both entrepreneurs and global moguls.

Each of these great marketing podcasts presents something innovative for small and big business owners. Which are your favourites? We suggest that you should listen to each podcast listed here. If you are struggling with digital marketing strategies, it is worth giving some of these podcasts a listen (research is always key!) .

Invest your time wisely and flourish your business with some handy information from podcasts. If you are looking out for more digital marketing strategies to enhance your business to the next level, we are here to give you a hand. Contact us today.

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