Shopify or Shopify Plus? Choose your Right Plan

Shopify is one of the most exceptional platforms to develop your e-commerce app. Shopify has a collection of dynamic tools that don’t require manual coding and development. Around 2 million dealers use Shopify to handle and market products online daily. The online store platform is an outright package with domains and hosting, an online store control panel, personalisable product pages, discount codes, and direct purchase and support for payment processing.

Shopify introduced Plus in 2014 as a large-business e-commerce platform that includes all features of Shopify while also enhancing scalability, efficacy, and support to meet the requirements of businesses and corporations.

Let’s carry out a comparison between Shopify and Shopify Plus to help you figure out which one suits you best. Before we start, it is crucial to note that Shopify and Shopify Plus are not two different platforms. They are developed on the same technology, have the same interface, and use identical themes. Apart from slight differences, the only major difference between the two solutions is the large-scale business-level features available for users on Shopify Plus.


Shopify and Shopify Plus have 100+ customisable themes (both free and premium). After all, Shopify Plus allows access to a more extensive range of options. The package extends total site control through editable CSS files and Shopify scripts, favouring you to personalise your business entirely. Shopify Plus checkout customisation helps you to optimise the layout of the store and check-out process to meet your brand’s requirements.

Applying Shopify scripts, you can analyse everyday customers and offer customised discounts for them at checkout time. This feature supports the businesses to take more personalised actions during customer service, encouraging repeat customer rates. Shopify Basic offers five language translations while Shopify Plus allows 20 language translations, favouring you to customise your store even more and boost user engagement.

Staff Accounts

You can create a different number of admin accounts on Shopify for different plans. The most basic option is Shopify Lite, which doesn’t offer the option to set up multiple user accounts. The premium plans authorise you to create different administrator logins for your online store.

The basic plan comes with the option to create two admin accounts. This plan is for small eCommerce businesses. If you have more staff, you may find the standard Shopify plan more appropriate, which offers five accounts. If you have to give more staff access to your POS. The premium plan has an option to create up to 15 accounts.

Shopify Plus allows you to create an unlimited number of user accounts; helpful for enterprises with a lot of employees. Shopify Plus also supports you to give advanced permissions to users, which hands out more control over employee access to your online store’s backend.


Support is one of the most crucial factors when comparing the pros and cons of Shopify and Shopify Plus. If you want premium standard support, Shopify Plus provides you with dedicated account managers, launch managers, merchant success managers, and round-the-clock priority support.

As you start using Shopify Plus, the launch managers will provide technical backing in migration and development. The merchant success support steers you in the proper direction in different areas to boost your business.

Success Programs

Another feature to compare is the Merchant Success Program when considering Shopify and Shopify Plus. This facility is only available on Shopify Plus. To execute this, every Shopify Plus store provides a merchant success manager who handles the overall business, not just the online store.

This program facilitates retailers with third-party alliances, platforms, and products. It also extends training to support your brand to achieve its full potential. The manager backs you to get the best out of Shopify Plus partners to alleviate your business and keep up with the changing economic trends.

API Access

Shopify’s basic plans provide API access, but Shopify Plus extends a higher API access call limit. This is important when handling bulk orders with any integrated third-party software, combining the manufacturing ERP system. More API access indicates that high-growth stores can work together with third-party apps to enhance the client experience and keep up with business trends.

The enhanced access comes with Shopify Plus APIs, consisting of multipasses, users, and gift cards. API access is important in making sure that the entire system is in sync with your website’s functionality. It also facilitates you to build custom solutions if there is no app to deal with them.

Shopify and Shopify Plus have identical offerings when it comes to fundamental eCommerce processes and analytics. One difference between the two is that Shopify Plus hands out a lot more adaptability with state-of-the-art features, upgraded support options, and higher access to code-level personalisation.

If you are planning to start an online e-commerce business, the basic Shopify plan is perfect for you to help you grow your business. If you are an enterprise, then go for Shopify Plus.

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