Practical Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing and SEO

With the launch of Google Chrome, web browsers have evolved for the better with approximately 70% of users using it as their primary browser in 2021 (that’s about 2.65 billion internet users). Handy add-ons to Google Chrome’s browser have since been introduced as “extensions”.

Google Chrome extensions are advantageous tools that help users to extend the effectiveness of this widely used web browser. Chrome extensions are designed to boost competence, productivity, and the comprehensive user experience. Adblock, a popular extension, for example, blocks irritating ads when browsing web pages. Another example is that Grammarly can be added on to Chrome to help spell check your writing online in real time. All this and more are why they are a prominent feature of the present-day digital marketing toolbox.


Now with lots of Chrome extensions available, the challenge is, which practical chrome extensions are worth including in your digital marketing stack?

When navigating through the Chrome web store, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The extensive number of applications and extensions available is truly awe inspiring (there’s an app for almost everything). So, how do you narrow down the best extension tools?

That’s why we put together this list of popular Google Chrome extensions for digital marketing today in 2021. These Chrome extensions add exceptional value to your marketing stack and enhance your productivity daily. You don’t have to use each one of these extensions, but choosing a few that are applicable to your job will save you a lot of time and improve efficiency.


GrowthBar’s Chrome extension hands out immediate access to crucial SEO data points about any website and cracks the growth channels and keywords that are functioning for them.

You can manage SEO and keyword research from the convenience of your Google browser as the tool authorises you to search any website’s best-performing keywords, keyword ranking difficulty rate, domain authority, page word count, backlink data, Facebook ads, and more. Just put in a search query on Google and GrowthBar immediately caters you with a treasure trove of SEO data and metrics to enhance your search rankings.



From one of the biggest content management system platforms, Buffer’s Chrome extension is the most effortless tool for you to share content to your social followers as you browse sites throughout the day. It simplifies social media management in your day by being able to schedule posts to go out at distinct times easily with this extension. You can follow up with analytics to assess which posts performed best.


vidIQ Vision for YouTube

vidIQ is one of the preeminent YouTube SEO tools on the Chrome web store. If you are keen to rank your videos well on YouTube and develop more views and subscribers, then you need vidIQ’s Chrome extension with you. vidIQ goes beyond YouTube Analytics to bring you insights on how to make more views and subscribers on YouTube. vidIQ lets you execute a channel audit to reveal what’s going with your content and the fields where you need to make changes. You can also look at insights into what your competitors are doing to rank higher and bring about more views on YouTube.


Sidekick by Hubspot

Sidekick is the inbox tool to help marketers, dealers or normal business professional requirements. It functions with Outlook, Gmail, Apple or Salesforce accounts to organise emails in the future, identify who opens and gets on your emails and your recipients’ name, business social profiles and recent tweets. Favoured for anybody who needs to advance their email productivity, network, coordinate teams, or close deals with sales leads.


BuzzSumo Extension


From the content monitoring and influencer marketing platform, Buzzsumo’s Chrome extension caters your insights into how a specific content piece is functioning without quitting your web browser. The extension shows you the number of engagements on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit, along with the total number of links and the Evergreen score of the article.


For SEO link building, one of the leading techniques to develop contextual backlinks is through blogger outreach. That said, it’s not that simple. Even after you have analysed the relevant bloggers and influencers, still you have to reach out to them, and you may not have their details to do this. FindThatLead’s Chrome extension helps you by doing the legwork of identifying the right emails on any site or LinkedIn profile. Not just that, but with FindThatLead’s authentication process, you’ll recognise if the email brought about is appropriate. It is a must-have tool if you are planning on sending outreach emails.


From social media management to metric measurement tools, by now your Chrome browser must be packed with these handy extensions to drive SEO and help make digital marketing easier on an everyday basis. Check out these Chrome extensions and see for yourself how much of a benefit they are! Use these handy Google Chrome browser extensions to practically extend your SEO and digital marketing efforts.

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