‘Our Story’ Section Now Removed from Facebook Business Pages

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Recently, Facebook sent out updates to page admins that there will be new changes to the ‘Our Story’ function (source: Andrew Hutchinson by SMT). From the end of February 2021, the ‘Our Story’ section in the Facebook ‘About’ information of a business page will no longer be available. Alternatively, page admins can add relevant information into the ‘Additional Information’ section.

By changing the page presentation layout, this indicates that the new page interface is better than the current one. The ‘About’ and ‘Our Story’ section used to be crammed with information together. Many page admins would not even worry about changing the content in these two sections and instead just copy the information from the ‘About’ section to the ‘Story’ section.

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Facebook had brought in the ‘Story’ section a few years ago to increase the opportunities of page owners with their followers and periodic visitors. It was a way to hand over more information about your page or brand to the audience in a longer and more detailed form.

Even though this information was aimed at developing a connection between the page owners and their followers, some argued that it still looked quite cluttered.

Now, the ‘Additional Information’ section will consist of all the other details that you want your clients and visitors to know about your brand.

Prior to the move, Facebook posted prompts the page owners and admins of this change, yet, it looks like the modifications that these admins now have to carry out in their page layout will have to be executed manually. So, navigating to the ‘Settings’ and ‘Page Info’ can help you to modify and optimise how your Additional Information section looks.

Another choice is to follow the links that Facebook’s notification prompts incorporate to carry out the crucial changes.

It sounds like the ‘Additional Information’ is turning to be an unimportant element. ‘Our Story’ was also an insignificant element to the ‘About’ section, but the way it was handed out along with the main features was not visually engaging. Most users and followers would not choose to read that many details shown in a messy and disordered way.

With the ‘Additional Information’ section, the appearance of the page is expected to change further,  while interactions with users and followers will remain unchanged. So, in summary, this layout change will not negatively impact business pages but assist in improving their audience engagement.

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