A Complete Guide to Optimise Your Business for Google Discover

As predictive algorithms and artificial intelligence evolve into ever more sophisticated, search engines, and web tools personalise each particular experience based on the person’s past search and browsing data; leveraging Google Discover allows users to get content that matches their interests and requirements before they even search for something.

This technological evolution leads to a rich opportunity for brands to get more organic traffic. Understand how to optimise for Google Discover with a smart approach to boost the fresh traffic you gain from organic searches and place your brand for extended visibility.

Google Discover

Discover is the innovation that reinstated Google Feed and handles around 800M monthly active users with content search. Discover focus to push hand-picked news and articles straight to user feeds without the need for searching. Google sets up a profile of users and hands out content considered appropriate to individual interests.

Nothing can be kept secret online, and we all leave digital footprints of our basic interests. Just as your website provides opportunities to extract first-party data, so does Google. With the average user estimated to make at least three to four searches every day, there is more than enough information to gather.

Google is well prepared and experienced in how they develop customer profiles. Experts expect that Google uses the following in the formation of such blueprints:

  • Search history exclusive to Google
  • Browser history of visited websites
  • App activity
  • Location (assuming this data has not been restricted in settings)

This array of material allows Google to figure out what a user may be interested in. Much like social media targeted promotions, Google perceives what your audience wishes to see and will do everything it can to meet such requirements through Discovery. It is crucial to optimise your Discovery presence and make sure that your content is picked to be pushed.

However, a high ranked page on Google’s search engine doesn’t mean a page will feature on Google Discover. Pages that crop up on Google Discover don’t necessarily have a great SEO ranking. Brands that realise how to optimise for Google Discover must curate and promote content explicitly optimised for that platform. Here, you can go ahead experimenting with Discover to enhance the organic traffic of your website.

Quality Content is a Must

Content is the core of digital marketing. Without it, your marketing strategies will be a failure. However, this doesn’t convey that you should publish everything ie., irrelevant content is less substantial and won’t add any value to your audience.

If you continue to publish these types of irrelevant content, it will be hard to appear on Google Discover, and gradually you will lose your audience. If your articles hardly answer key queries, and your competitors give them something better than what you are providing, you will lose potential loyal customers.

Google Discover presents consumers with compatible, engaging content. Be it articles, blog posts, videos content, and more. Your posts must be very informative as Discover is designed to offer quality materials.

Developing content for publishing or modifying previous blog posts, using trending data, presenting statistics, and marketing tactics will help to strengthen your articles. Leverage long-tail keywords, semantic keywords phrases, quality images, and illustrative graphics to optimise your post.

Additionally, try to figure out your user’s intent — the terms your marketing personas will possibly search on Google. Make a list of similar keyword terms and use them to enhance your content.

Make sure that it has all the fundamental components that will attract your readers to the page. This will help to increase your:

  • Time spent by users on the page
  • Reduce bounce rates
  • Boost web traffic
  • Increase dwell time
  • Advance search ranking
  • Increase your chances of appearing on Google Discover

Get Verified

The crucial phase to optimise for Google Discover is getting verified. Not every website gets on Google Discover. Your business must comply with the Google News content standards. Google Search Console must authenticate and index your website content. You also have to create a Google My Business account. Once you establish that account, you can create an entity for your brand within Google Knowledge Graph.

Mobile Optimisation

Google Discover mainly works on mobile devices. So, you have to ensure that your content is optimised to load instantly on mobile devices. You can do that by limiting the ads on the page, adopting a responsive website design, and applying a standard image format that is compatible with most devices. You can also figure out the pages that aren’t mobile-friendly through Google Search Console.

GSC has a Mobile Usability Report that provides any errors about mobile usability on your website. You can check the pages optimised for mobile and those aren’t and review the difference in performance. You can also test the speed of certain pages using extensions like Google’s PageSpeed Insights. To ensure your page comes out on Google Discover, make sure it takes less than 10 seconds to open.

Image Quality Must be High

Google Discover mainly recommends visual content. In the recent past, visual content seems to be more engaging and provides higher CTRs than a blog. To appear on search and improve the users engagement, use excellent quality images that convey the idea behind your content. Google suggests publishers not to use their logos as the image of the content. They also prefer larger images; at least 1200 pixels. If you haven’t an option to design images, there are a lot of sites offering instant commercial-use images for free.

Make sure the images are optimised to load quicker, add an Alt text, put a caption, a good description, and optimise for AMP (Google Accelerated Mobile Pages). If the user doesn’t identify you based on your content, let them figure you out through your images.

Now you have an idea about what Google Discover is and how to optimise for it, use these tips to enhance your odds of appearing on the platform. The more you improve your content quality, the better your chances will be. So, keep implementing and trying to pinpoint the best for you.

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