4 Brilliant LinkedIn B2B Marketing Ideas

Marketers have underestimated LinkedIn for a long time, but now it’s gaining even more traction as a social media platform, specifically in B2B marketing. Since Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016, it has seen massive advancement in usability, meaning that it now allows marketers to achieve better ROI on LinkedIn marketing investments.

When considering LinkedIn marketing, keep in mind that unlike Facebook, the users on LinkedIn are more of a mature demographic. It’s a social network designed for working professionals, and so audiences on LinkedIn are typically less reactive to redundant or irrelevant content.

In other words, the marketing strategies that are carried out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will not be as effective on LinkedIn. A carbon copy of content won’t necessarily work as well here. Starting out as a way for people to connect with companies for job prospects, LinkedIn is a professional social platform. Its users are required to handle it as such like an interactive resume, so your marketing efforts need to consider this to achieve greater results.

Are you struggling to figure out the most effective LinkedIn marketing strategies for your B2B brand? According to a recent analysis by the Sales Benchmark Index, 95% of B2B marketers rate LinkedIn as the first-rate social network that brings them the most beneficial business insights. 56% of them don’t believe that just Facebook and Twitter are adequate channels for B2B marketing.

So, here we will reveal some of the best B2B LinkedIn marketing strategies that can help you get high-quality leads. With lots of data on individuals’ profiles, you can see user’s experience, speciality interests, company size, and more information you can capitalise on in your marketing. Read on for 4 brilliant ideas!

Host Events with Industry Leaders

LinkedIn Live is still not accessible to everyone, but the feature is becoming more useful for every LinkedIn user and business page.

However, if you wish to create live sessions on the platform, you can apply for early access to LinkedIn Live here – Apply for Live Video Session.

Acquiring access before it becomes a new normal for LinkedIn will give you an advantage over your competitors by allowing you to increase your familiarity with this new tool before most others.

Once you have access to live broadcasting on LinkedIn for your account or business page, you can take advantage of hosting live discussions and interviews with industry leaders from your field. You can use it as a professional forum to showcase your knowledge on various topics that interest your current or aspiring audience. You can leverage reach from partnering with other industry professionals or leaders, and access their networks of followers.

Turn Employees to Influencers

In the B2B marketing field, you require influencers who can back up their claims through their experience and knowledge. Reaching more than just the list of followers on your page, you can use your staff to advocate for your business with a personal flair.

Often, B2B influencers are the decision-makers in their respective fields. This includes company CEOs, CMOs, and other employees at higher management levels of leading firms.

Now, it may be difficult to persuade industry influencers to advocate for your business. This is why influencers will often ask you to talk about the achievements of your business, new technology, services and client success stories. Or they may even discuss things happening in the industry without specifically talking about your business to demonstrate an understanding and expertise in the broader field.

From an analysis conducted by LinkedIn, content shared by staff members has 2x greater engagement in comparison to the same content shared by a firm or company page. Salespeople who frequently share content on LinkedIn are 45% more likely to beat their sales target. This reveals that engaging employees on LinkedIn are not just helpful for marketing and branding, but for comprehensive business growth as well. So, rather than looking for influencers outside, inspire your founders, administrators and other interested members to be more active on LinkedIn.

Regular employees can also advocate for your business, by posting about their own interests and expertise in the field to drive conversations and interest in your work. They can also share content that is published on your LinkedIn pages, so that their network connections also gain exposure to it.

Run LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

Are you looking to reach a broader audience of potential clients on LinkedIn? Whether you need to build up brand awareness, boost familiarity with your product or service, or encourage B2B sales, LinkedIn Ads are a smart decision.

LinkedIn offers a great range of customisable ad posts with the ability of micro-targeting using details from user audiences’ LinkedIn accounts. This means you can make sure your ad is only presented to people in distinct industries, or the decision-makers who are in charge of purchasing your product or service. From work experience to current job titles, industry field, and even company listings, you can segment and target (and re-target) your audience and pitch to that segment group exactly.

What is more, LinkedIn Ads can benefit you to identify your B2B clients during the awareness phase and continue to lead them through all the stages of the purchasing funnel. LinkedIn Ads also have considerable insights to back businesses data analysis, for the creation of ads targeted to specific stages of the purchasing journey.

For example, if you would like to retarget engaged consumers on other digital advertising platforms, you can also consolidate a demand-side platform to boost ad recall and convert the audience through other communication platforms. This is a system that supports buyers of digital advertising inventory to handle multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through a single interface.

LinkedIn Ads offer comprehensive reporting capabilities, so you can understand who is clicking on what. You can build your audience further and develop more potential B2B connections.

Share Industry Reports and Trends

B2B clients are engaged with content that can benefit them to enhance their business and build revenue. New trends are steadily looming, so your business must stay updated to establish your niche or USP and areas of proficiency.

LinkedIn offers many features for B2B marketing such as lead generation ads, which comprise of engaging and converting users interested in your business. Lead generation ad statistics can also help empower your brand to understand how other business owners use the process to achieve and convert more active clients.

As a B2B business owner, you’ve probably heard plenty about the effectiveness of LinkedIn for B2B promotions. Initially, it can be challenging to start carrying out LinkedIn marketing as a part of your marketing strategy, but the payoff can be huge if done right.

If you would like to establish a strong LinkedIn presence, you can try any of the LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies shared in this article and see how much it influences your leads and sales. There’s no time like now to kickoff using LinkedIn for B2B promotion.

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