Instagram Update: The Monetisation of IGTV

Instagram Monetises IGTV

After plans were released in February 2020, Instagram has announced on 27 May 2020 that they would start showing ads on IGTV. This will start allowing creators to earn revenue directly from the platform. IGTV ads will be designed for mobile devices and will appear when users first click on the IGTV video from the preview in their feed. These ads can go for up to 15 seconds long.

How Will It Work?

Creators are being offered a 55% share of all advertising on IGTV, which is the same rate offered by YouTube. Influencers are cheering as this move will provide creators with a monetary reward from their hard work of content creation. This is an important step to encourage more long form content on the platform. Integrated into the normal Instagram platform, IGTV or Instagram TV is essentially Instagram’s long-form video strategy which was initially created to compete with YouTube.

Testing & Recruiting Creators (Influencers, Rejoice!)

With the monetisation move, they are encouraging creators to make content specifically for the IGTV platform. Instagram has been reaching out to top video creators in the US to ask them to partner with them to test ads, and the social mogul expects to expand the feature to other countries soon. They are also planning to test various other features throughout the year, such as skippable ads. Instagram’s COO hinted that there will be even more monetisation features released in the upcoming months.

Future Developments: Badges & Collaboration

They have recently been testing some other monetisation features as well, including Instagram live videos that can allow users to purchase badges. There are plans to expand the branded content feature for collaborations between brands and creators.

Instagram is not the only one using monetisation to retain creators on the platform. Facebook and Tik Tok have also been testing various features that increase revenue streams for creators. With this monetisation move from Instagram, they aim to capture and build audiences with long form video content like YouTube, with the added push of advertising.

How do you plan to take advantage of these new features to grow your brand?

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