How to make your website convert like crazy

Wish to escalate the success of your brand?

If yes, then it’s important that you centre your efforts on inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is a very effective strategy of using content marketing, social media marketing, SEO (search engine optimisation), events and webinars to attract new customers for your business.

It allows you to earn the attention of the prospective customers who are unaware of your business/ products/ services, making your brand easy to found. Whereas in traditional outbound marketing, it is the marketers who attempt to find their customers.

Here are five essential steps to help your business grow with inbound marketing.

  • User-centric website design
    Is your website easy to understand and navigate?
    Does it serve a purpose?
    An active website will make it easy for prospective customers to get relevant information about your business. An easy-to-use site will encourage customers to return,
    Think about it. The visitor is the only person who clicks the mouse and controls where to navigate. Therefore, it is only natural if user-centric design became the focus when it comes to profit-oriented website design.
  • Search engine optimised
    Creating a website is only the first step in creating an effective inbound marketing strategy. Getting your website search engine optimised is what gives your site overall searchability and visibility.
    The goal of any skilled SEO specialist will be to create a strong base for a fresh and user-centric website, which is easily discoverable in search.
    Organic search plays a huge part in online business. Most of the time, organic search results will be the first contact a potential customer will have with your brand. To drive in more visits to your website, focus on on-page SEO and getting quality backlinks for your site and content.
  • Promote Your Content and Your Website
    Promotion is an essential part of inbound marketing because, without it, even the best website and content will languish among the thousands of other options available on the internet. However, promoting a website is a complex activity and might create a lot of unpredictable variables. Things can go wrong when its least expected.
    The popular website promotion strategies include Google Adwords, followed by Bing’s Ads. The paid advertising options for various social media platforms is also a great venue to increase brand awareness.
    Maintain your social media page efficiently. A well-thought and well-maintained social media page will be visited and reviewed by lots of people from across the globe.
  • Produce incredible content
    Expanding your reach through inbound marketing is much easier if you always offer new, quality content. A website that is updated frequently is more likely to rank highly in search engine results.
    A great way to provide more content is to look through what you already have on offer. It allows you to offer fresh content without an undue expenditure of time and effort. You already have the content available; reorganizing it into a new structure not only helps you offer more content, but it also marks you as an expert in relevant fields.
  • Monitor and Measure Your Traffic
    There are several tools available to help you track where your traffic is originating, and these tools make it easier for you to pay more attention to good drivers and weed out the less advantageous ones.
    Tools like Google Analytics offer excellent options for gaining a comprehensive view of your website visitors. With tools like this, you can see which content is attracting the most visitors and how long the typical user stays on your website.
    This will help you gain a better grip on understanding the conversion rates and to recognise those parts of your site that draw the most clicks. Monitoring and measuring your traffic will help you create a more refined strategy and allow you to understand the effects of any inbound marketing experiments.


A great website with outstanding content will help draw more traffic and increase your customer base. This type of marketing can help your business grow by motivating customers to buy your product or use your service, while also allowing you to position yourself as an expert in your specific field. When applied properly, an effective inbound strategy is a highly useful tool for business growth.

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