How to grab the attention of impatient customers online

We are always busy.

We are impatient.

In fact, in a highly globalised world that offers multiple choices, we can afford to be impatient. It’s either this or something else. Exactly the reason why the customer is the king.

When it comes to time, everyone wants to spend it effectively. Everyone wants to get what they want immediately — a trend that’s even visible in our search patterns.

Seize the opportunity

According to Google, there has been an increase in mobile searches for “open” + “now” + “near me” in the past few years.

How to grab the attention of impatient customers online

Ex: “Stores open near me right now.”
“Pharmacy open near me right now.”

Surprised? Well, what if I ask you when was the last time you can remember being on hold for five minutes or more on a customer service call?

The question might sound biased. But the fact is brands that keep up with the latest trends on online shopping business will make sure to answer customer queries in less than a minute (especially with Livechat support). With Facebook, 85% of people want a response in 7 hours. With Twitter, 65% of people want a response in 1 hour. Today’s customers are far more demanding and it is the duty of the brand to keep up with the customer expectations.

However, every step of impatience from the side of the customer provides a market with new opportunities. The mantra is to provide customers with the information they need when they need it, thus bridging the gap between customer expectation and reality.

In order to help the customer in their time of need, you should be ready with a solution even before the need arises. Learning the search trends will help you realise how customers expect brands to assist them through each step in their customer journey.

How to grab the attention of impatient customers online

“Can I/to buy” + “near me” searches have grown almost 6x in the past years, which makes it critical for business owners to own a Google Business account. This makes it easier for your potential customers to find you when nearby.

Ex: “Where can I buy vinyl stickers near me.”
“Places to buy postcards near me.”

How to grab the attention of impatient customers online

Uncertainty is another condition we can’t live with. While the wait for a product purchased online itself sounds like torture, how can you expect the customers to wait without the proper tracking information? In the past two years, the Google search engine saw an increase of 120% in mobile searches for “track” + “package”.

Ex: “Track my package.”
“Track a package.”

How to grab the attention of impatient customers online

Instant customer service is a must if you want to win the hearts of your customers. Especially because there has been a 400% growth in mobile searches for “24/7” + “customer service” in the past two years.

Ex: “Customer service phone number 24/7.”
“PlayStation customer service 24/7.”

Following the latest search engine trends will help you to anticipate when and where your business can be more helpful to people.

How you can be there for impatient customers?

  • Be instantly available: Provide real-time information to the customer regarding your product availability and how many are in stock.
  • Be relevant: Make sure you show up during the critical moments in the customer journey. This means embracing automation (ChatBots) and running ads for products that are actually available.
  • Be transparent: Make sure you set an estimated shipping time, details of customer service availability and live tracking on every marketing material from ad copy to product and help pages in order to increase transparency.

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