How to Effectively Repurpose the Content with Most Popular Features on Instagram

Repurposing content (also termed “content recycling”) is the method of reusing whole or parts of existing content in order to extend the reach of the content. Using the same theme, message, or creatives, repurposed content is often reconstructed into a new form, such as transforming a blog post into an infographic. There are multiple ways you can share this information across different platforms and optimise them for the target audience of each.


Repurposing Content in Instagram

For the majority of businesses that do not have a real product or engaging aesthetics, it can be tough to get them in on the Instagram game. We get it. And accordingly, it may seem like a platform that your business does not need to engage with. However, the expanding acceptance of Instagram has made it tough to overlook in your social media business strategy.

Instagram has become comparatively less complicated for creators to develop content. This is because it has evolved so that it is no longer just a platform for photography. It is where people now go to for almost everything, including the news.

Between the most recent features included in the app and the user trends they have facilitated, it has never been simpler to come up with an Instagram marketing plan for a “non-visual” business.


Since some of the most popular and engaging trends right now are ideal for repurposing content, recreating content for Instagram is especially easy when you are already developing content for other media platforms. Here we point out some ways to effectively repurpose content for Instagram using the most popular features on the platform.

Summarise Long-Form Content in Instagram Carousels

Instagram Carousels are an ideal means to share lengthy content you’ve made for other platforms, like ebooks, blog posts, and emails. They are the most engaging category of posts on Instagram.


If you are using a native-only carousel for Instagram, you can encapsulate each portion of the long-form content in 1-2 slides each, and use the caption to bring it all together and engage the users enough to swipe through all the slides.

Then, in the last section, write a great CTA to drive engagement like likes, shares, comments and saves.

Resize YouTube Videos for IGTV

While IGTV isn’t quite a recent feature on Instagram, a lot of businesses are tentative about jumping into it, even when they are making video content for other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube or their website.


You will be missing out on additional engagement if you are not resizing your videos for Instagram this year. It is uncomplicated to trim and optimise a video to make it compatible on IGTV, specifically with tools like templates for editing apps or tools applied to social videos. You can even utilise your YouTube video description as the IGTV caption and upload it from your system.

Also, Instagram’s algorithm prefers surfacing IGTV videos, and the people on the other end of that algorithm are eager to see the video content.

Curate a Series of Posts Into an Instagram Guide

Another means to leverage longer-form written content is by curating Instagram Guides. Basically set up as a means to share reliable public health information around the COVID-19 pandemic, the feature is gradually being rolled out to the public.

Guides let you compare your previous posts into a scrollable series to share on its own. They include shareable URLs, which can be added to stories and the feed, and “appear” live in a tab on user profiles.

So now when you break down each lengthy blog post into its own Instagram caption, you can utilise this feature to publicise them again. This will favour people to quickly get the entire story or part of the content without quitting the platform.

Create Video Teasers & Clips

As well as posting full YouTube or long-form videos on IGTV, you can also adopt the same tools and workflow to make short video clips that promote the entire content.


This enables you to make various Instagram posts from one YouTube video. Like dividing text posts into a sequence of Instagram posts, you can develop a series of posts that each concentrate on one distinct talking point from your lengthy video.

Create Story Highlights of Your Best Instagram Content

Ensure that you post a great deal of the content from your Instagram feed to Instagram Stories. Several users spend extra time swiping through stories than scrolling the feed, enabling you to reach a wider number of users.


What’s more, once you post content to your stories, you can save it in a Story Highlight section so that it remains at the top of your profile as new content. This is an impressive scheme for any foundational content or sequence, along with curating your Instagram content into distinct sections for people to browse.

Screenshot Your Best Tweets

The final tip is that you can also take a screenshot of your best tweets and if you do not have a Twitter account yet, consider taking a profile and tweeting the best quotes.

Getting started with an Instagram profile is easy. Since you are already investing so much effort into setting up content for other social media platforms and websites, why not post them where your clients are spending more time on?

There are many ways you can distribute your content across different social media platforms and get the most use out of your content. Moreover, if you are looking for a paid strategy, you can boost a post on Instagram to get more engagement or impressions so that your content reaches further! That’s the basic idea to make repurposing for Instagram a priority.

Digital marketing strategies are about finding new ways to engage more clients through trendy platforms. We have an expert team who are always keen to find the latest trends which benefit your business. What are you waiting for? Connect with us today.

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