How is AI revolutionising the future of digital marketing?

The world has come a long way in terms of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is definitely one of them. The popularity of AI and machine-learning algorithms are skyrocketing and its influence on search advertising is nothing new. It is so popular that the role it plays in our everyday life is unavoidable yet subtle.

Let’s take, for example, your daily commute to work. As you drive your car it is possible for you to get caught in traffic. After all, it’s a busy world out there. However, AI helps you to lessen your commute time by serving the mapping software with real-time data, thus warning you about any obstruction, construction or accident.

The commute is just one day-to-day example. Its influence on your life is much stronger if you use Google, SIRI, Alexa, Instagram, Netflix, Uber and countless other technologies in your everyday life.

The title ‘Artificial Intelligence’ might sound threatening to some but its uses are more popular than you might think. Let it be your email communications, social media, web searches, even your everyday store purchases, the application of AI is seen all around you.

AI is now being incorporated in digital services more often than ever.

Incorporating AI in the arena of your business helps you to narrow your focus to your potential customers. It helps you to polish your digital marketing strategies to suit the needs of your followers.

Let’s take a look at how and why.

Effective Email marketing

Grabbing the attention of your potential customer is the best way to connect with them and if possible, convince them to buy your service. Thanks to AI, marketing today is backed by intelligence more than intuition.

For example, using the power of AI to personalise email marketing campaigns based on user behaviour and preferences gets you to connect with your audience on a much personal level.

Personalisation is the key towards taking customer experience to the next level.

Other than personalising user experience, AI can also help optimise your digital marketing campaigns for an enhanced ROI.

Chatbots for likeable, fast communication

Agree or not, the world is fast-paced, and no one wants to wait for a response over the phone. Especially with the introduction of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or even Amazon’s Alexa – the new communication channel – your brand will become invisible if you fail to adapt. It is important for your band to look, act and feel like real people. Which means,

Brands that stick to “yell & sell” will lose. While those who choose to “chat & listen” will win.

Chatbots makes the process of sending automated responses to FAQ by potential customers even easier. It can respond to multiple queries at the same time thus increasing your response rate to 100%.

That’s not it. One major advantage of chatbots are their ability to answer open-ended questions, making use of machine learning and natural learning processing to find the appropriate response. They work 24/7 and are designed to be friendly. (You definitely don’t have to worry about the chatbots getting temperamental).

Increase conversion rates on your e-commerce website

An AI enabled website will behave more or less like an actual human being. They are constantly analysing, learning and improving from the users it interacts with. To use this intelligence to predict purchase trends and surface product recommendations mean better user experience and increased conversion rates. It is reasons like these that reinforce why brands should integrate AI into their customer experience.

The list could go on and on as the possibilities of AI is endless. It is the new word for efficiency and profitability.
So, are you ready to integrate the applications of AI to better your digital marketing strategy? Identify the most pressing needs faced by your brand or marketing campaigns and AI can do the rest.

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