How to Leverage Data-Driven Content Marketing for Higher Conversions

Establishing an online presence is the bottom line if you are looking to build an online brand reputation. However, what most businesses fail to figure out is that setting up your online existence requires you to build up a strong content marketing strategy. Content marketing is an impressive tool to foster relationships between the customer and your digital channels.

Content marketing not only facilitates trust-building between the client and your brand but also eases bringing about leads and improves client loyalty. Marketing is incomplete without a competitive content marketing strategy. How many leading brands do you know that don’t have an Instagram profile and Facebook account yet?

Content marketing cannot be effective without acquiring data, as finding out the purchasing behaviours of users is beneficial for data collection. It also helps brands to be more dynamic. Focusing on the right content will also benefit marketers to expend fewer resources and set their profits towards better opportunities.

It is not just about having a social media profile, it is also about presenting a comprehensive and informative feed that is both catchy and engaging. You simply cannot ignore this prospect of digital marketing anymore. If used correctly, content marketing is capable of improving your conversion rate. Let’s check out some tips that can help you build up a data-driven content marketing strategy that can improve your conversions.

Define Your Content Goals

Before you stack a mountain of content on your writers desks, figure out the outcome you are aftert. Based on the target of your marketing campaign, you have to split the content into different types including:

  • Informative content
  • Traffic-generating content
  • Content-focused on conversion
  • Engaging content

Informative content is aimed to educate the users about your products and services. Traffic-generating content includes strong SEO-focused keywords to drive traffic. Content-focused on conversion is developed with social proof and other know-hows that encourage buyers to make a decision.

Engaging content is something you can share at random to entertain your audience. Ascertain what your content goals are and determine the social platforms best suited to meet them. Once you have done this, you can create your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Any content you include on your website or marketing campaign should serve a goal. If you don’t have any idea about where to start, your audience won’t recognise it either.

Personalisation is Key

When you create messages to connect with target users, you might need to familiarise some personalisation techniques. You can personalise your offer based on the user’s interests, past purchases, and demographics. Utilising cutting-edge personalisation might be just what you require to impress your potential audience.

For instance, you can customise your site so that each user receives a personalised experience. Tailored CTAs can boost your conversion rates by up to 202% by exciting your customers whenever they notice their name or discover the right product for them.

Re-Optimise Keywords

Almost half of Google’s search results are extensive and interactive enough for the audience to never need to click anywhere else. Google has constantly maintained its place as the most competent traffic source out there. According to different case studies, organic search optimisation can attain a great increase in ROI. Some marketing agencies in Australia received almost 30% increase in revenue and up to 150% boost in conversions within the first six months after setting up an SEO strategy.

Your SEO strategy should focus on rankings that send clicks. This indicates that not every ranking is worth competing for.

But how do we know if a distinct search query is going to bring about traffic before our page has even ranked high enough yet?

Initially, you should take publicly available data into account (search volume and more). After that, review SERPs in advance for optimization purposes. In many situations, as a user, you can identify whether another user would feel urged to scroll down and open organic listings.

Set-Up a Content Delivery Network

The proper content will help you get more leads. However, ensure that the content is shared at the right time. The perfect content at that wrong time won’t bring about the impact that you are trying to build.

There are a few factors one requires to analyse before setting up a content delivery network. Some of these aspects include the content length, formatting, the worth of the content, etc. A content marketing strategy needs proper checks at different levels. The analysis can be carried out through particular stats and figures that you compile through the different tools available. Once this process is complete, you can execute the best strategy that works for your business. Focusing on market trends also benefits in endorsing the right one.

Nowadays, businesses have access to more data than they care to use through digital resources. It is crucial to understand which data you should leverage and how to use it in order to stay ahead of your competition. Utilise some of the tools and ideas mentioned here to help boost your conversions.

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