Effective Offbeat Email Marketing Ideas in 2022

Even with its critics, two decades after the first marketing email was delivered, email marketing continues to rise above and beyond its potential in 2022!

Email marketing is the go-to marketing channel for both leading marketers and small businesses. In fact, email marketing approaches are evolving faster than ever before. This is because of the technical innovations by ESPs and more considerable internet tactics associated with the involvement of several brands.

Does your eCommerce business have an elemental email marketing set up in place? It’s time to boost your marketing funnel and consider more up-to-date email marketing strategies to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Measure the Performance

Assessing the performance of your email marketing campaigns is not something exclusive in 2022. It should be one of your basic objectives every year. If you don’t get time to crunch your numbers, you won’t be adept to set realistic goals for the rest of the year. Not only will this data hand you an idea of how you strategise against your competitors, but it will also benefit you to recognise specific areas that require more focus.

Here are some critical email benchmarks that you have to take care of:

  • Open rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Click-to-open rate
  • Unsubscriber rate

Dynamic Subscriber Segmentation

Rather than creating new segments often, dynamic segmentation helps you to automate the process according to triggers, email metrics, and your sales approach. It is all about targeting users based on their actions and involvement. This comprises complex segmentation criteria like client lifetime value, customer personas, and propensity patterns.

When establishing a dynamic subscriber segment, you should be keen to shift from individual client journeys to buyer journeys for various products. For example, you may notice a range of activities, spending routines, demographics, and so on for a group of users purchasing a particular product. Once recognised, you can list these parameters and combine the targeted subscribers in a mailing list that favours the customers of the concerned products or services. Hence, the dynamic listing makes sure that your subscribers always get the appropriate emails no matter how rapidly they modify their preferences.

Improve Email Deliverability

Email deliverability has been a troublemaker for marketers since the beginning of email marketing —this has been magnified now that email has grown in popularity as a marketing tool. Improved email deliverability comes down to segmentation and contextualisation: you should deliver emails only to the group of people who are most inclined to open them.

Thus the mailing algorithm considers that your emails are not spam, favouring the emails to remain in the ‘updates’ or the ‘inbox’ folder. Other seemingly unconnected factors like content and creativity, also influence email deliverability. Emails that do not look good or have poor readability are discarded—which affects impending deliverability. It is crucial to choose an email marketing platform with high deliverability rates.


Today, sustainability is a critical factor in the retail sector. Customers are eager to know the story behind every product and business. Sustainability is also about your social responsibility to customers. Take a look at the response that Facebook received about how they worked to boost growth over the safety of their users in order to understand that users appreciate and prefer ethical marketing.

When considering email marketing, it is better to always be transparent. In the end, sneaky tactics to hunt down email addresses aren’t worth it. You’ll alienate your users, lose your brand reputation and may also be flagged as spam.

Personalise your Content

Email personalisation was one of the leading trends in email marketing last year and is also predicted to carry over into 2022. If you haven’t leveraged content personalisation yet, you are at risk of making your consumers feel less valued. People have grown to expect a personalised client experience which no company can afford to neglect.

Let’s check how you can add content personalisation to your email marketing strategy:

  • Promote products to particular segments of your list
  • Trigger emails considering customer behaviours, e.g. abandoned carts
  • Specify your recipient’s name

While there is not an ideal formula for email marketing success, including the above-mentioned basics, improving your campaigns is a great way to start. Here, we pointed out some offbeat email marketing strategies that can help to keep you on track into the future.

Set up email marketing campaigns that help you reach your audience, develop relationships with them, customise your content to their requirements, and encompass conversion elements. Make the user experience comprehensible and in line with your customer’s expectations.

Email marketing is an extremely rewarding and ROI-friendly channel. Maintaining a level of professionality and strategy can help boost your email marketing to become one of your most successful marketing channels. Remember to always do more research, follow the top email marketing agencies and see what works best for your business!

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