EDM Essentials: Tips on Improving Your Email Marketing Campaigns To Get Back On Track for 2021

With a constant surge of fresh technologies in communication and automation, the usage of email marketing has changed especially in business-related communications. Still, in specific circumstances, many businesses and agencies are continuing to use direct email communications effectively to reach their audience. Emails are still a great way to keep existing customers in the loop or make new connections that help to flourish your business. No matter the size of your organisation, email marketing is one of the best solutions for boosting your clientele if mastered and utilised well.

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As a business person, you need to find the right number of emails (per week, for example) to deliver to get effective feedback yet not overwhelming subscribers. You do not want to overload your subscribers or cause them to lose attention to your various emails, but you want to stay fresh in their minds about your latest activities or offerings. So, here we can check out some tips to improve your email marketing campaigns and get them on track for a successful 2021.

Build an email list

For an effective email outreach campaign, first you have to build an extensive contact list. To tackle this head on, you should make sure that you are targeting a focused client persona. Start with summing up the common attributes, preferences and behaviours of your relevant clients to help create audience segments. Building customer personas and dividing them accordingly will help to create targeted email content for that specific audience group. Overall, this will assist you to build up the importance of your emails and strengthen your odds of receiving a response.

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If you can build up the right client persona, half of your job is done. You must have permission from the respective contacts before sending the marketing emails (ie. they have provided your email via a subscription sign up or direct email inquiry). The easiest way to create a persona is by filtering clients depending on specific factors. For instance, if you are running a digital marketing agency, you could target the founders of small business startups and send targeted emails, or target marketing team members of larger enterprises.

Delivering effective emails

It is important to catch the attention of your audience through your emails with the right pitch. You should focus on the way you write them, ensuring the right length, captivating copy, and a strong call to action. If you’re running a specific campaign, we suggest you highlight the offer through emails since they can be personalised and be the opportunity to capture what benefits of any deal you are offering. Therefore, mastering the skill of writing emails is necessary for this. Give prime importance to the subject of your email, address the person directly, and ensure the correct contact details and links are used.

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Following these tips will make the recipient read your email and may consider it. There are many steps that you can practice to master the art of writing the right emails (and to the right people). Some of the steps are mentioned below:

  • The subject of your email must be relevant and catchy
  • The content should be to-the-point and specific
  • Make sure that you introduce yourself properly in the email
  • Give details of your work experience and expertise
  • Maintain a kind and upbeat tone throughout the email
  • Proof your email before you send it
  • Always remember that there may be a chance that more than one member of that recipient’s company will read your email
  • Make a precise distinction between formal and informal circumstances
  • Be prompt in replying to the responses (it’s sales, so you have to be on the ball right?)
  • Always give respect while writing to an organisation or person

These simple steps will help you to send effective emails which will lead you to persuade your clients.

Utilising a tool

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Many business owners prefer to send emails manually. If your monthly target is around 300 to 500 emails, you can easily do it on your own, but what if your target is way bigger than that, like in the 1000s? Then you have to take advantage of a tool to help you to deliver emails campaigns to this extent. The benefit of using an email marketing tool like MailChimp or Pipedrive is that you can save time creating email content en masse, create engaging templates, and schedule campaigns. Email marketing tools can also help you analyse a lot of metrics like email opening rates, click rates, etc.

Delivering emails at the right time

Finding out how to handle email for marketing is indispensable for present-day businesses. But, for optimal results you need to research to find the right number of times you should deliver emails throughout a certain period to your clients. Depending on your audience, you can find a balance between scheduling times to get more readership with content that will overall drive sales. Email marketing can benefit your business remarkably if you recognise when and how many emails to send.

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Ask for feedbacks

The best way to give what your clients require is to check in with them and find out their preferences. This email marketing strategy will engage clients, and you will get to know their requirements, habits, and viewpoints, putting you in the right position to provide personalised content. Request for feedback considering your content, your work, or your assistance, and examine what you can perform to reform them. To give your customers more of what they want, it never hurts to ask!

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Make the proceedings effortless for clients to hand out feedback because long forms and boring surveys will not work. Instead, adopt simple checkboxes, short answer questions, multiple-choice, and encouragements for them to do the survey with giveaways or offer opportunities as well.

Use Dynamic Content

Nowadays, people have no time to read through long paragraphs of text. If you need to get the attention of your clients, you need to make your emails more attractive and utilise dynamic content. Include engaging videos, gifs, calls to action, and surveys to keep things attractive and fresh. Be unique and deliver your clients content with links to customised notes or videos that will bring smiles to their faces (and better still, sales).

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Despite changes in the digital marketing landscape, mail communication is a great way for you to build connections with your customers. Following the basic tips mentioned above will help you to improve your email marketing campaigns in the upcoming year. Our tips will help you get your email marketing back on track, so keep working to improve your email marketing strategy to flourish your business.

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