eCommerce Trends and Challenges – Peak Season 2021

The world of eCommerce is always transforming and this year has been no different. More than ever, retailers are developing and advancing their eCommerce businesses to reach clients wherever they may be.

Many merchants are trying to develop their businesses for the uptick in client orders along with the supply chain concerns that have been bothering the industry for most of the year. As a result, a very busy holiday peak season shopping is expected. While it may look like everything in eCommerce is evolving, we narrowed it down to the most considerable trends and challenges that will affect businesses shortly.


Omnichannel Retail Strategy

Despite the ambiguities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is one thing we can be assured of; shopping patterns will continue to reform. Retailers should be keen to adapt to contemporary trends and evolving circumstances to deliver a great shopping experience to their clients.

The core idea among the eCommerce trends is the need for a strategy that links the physical, and digital aspects of shopping, i.e. carrying out an omnichannel strategy. We believe that the most outstanding retailers this peak season will be the ones who can facilitate clients to have a frictionless experience regardless of whichever online shopping medium they decide to use.

Mobile Optimisation

Shopping on mobile gadgets is another trend to watch. It is effortless to do for ‘on-the-go’ clients, specifically for last-minute shoppers. However, cart abandonment is common on mobile gadgets. This is a trend that eCommerce should try to constrain by providing a smooth mobile shopping experience, and by recognising that people are more willing to purchase on their mobile gadget if an offer is available.

Give discounts expertly by offering a coupon code once a client signs up for your newsletter. That way you can get their contact information and go on to deliver information straight to them by email. You can also feature a very enticing offer on exit intent to keep clients on your site and encourage them to complete their shopping.

Customers will Opt for BOPIS & Curbside

Although many clients might feel happier returning to physical shops or malls this holiday peak season, the BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store) and curb-side pick-up systems will still continue to trend for their safety and accessibility.

While these arrangements became attractive at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic last year when consumers were anxious about visiting shops or there were restrictions on shops and social distancing, these shopping arrangements continued to gain prominence even as COVID-19 continues to recede across the globe. This trend is likely to extend throughout this holiday peak season.


Engaging Customers

Customers have a lot of options to pick from these days. If they are considering getting a handbag, they may do some detailed research before deciding which to choose from. If people have a lot of choices, how can you be assured that they choose you? How do you go about finding that target customer who needs your product, at your price and to the locations you can ship to?

Associate with businesses that help you target your clients. Digital marketing is overtaking traditional marketing strategies because it can target the ideal customer for you. While your customers won’t appear overnight, with A/B testing, finetuning and analysis, your products and services will eventually reach likely clients on multiple social media platforms.

Converting Your Audience into Customers

One of the most significant eCommerce challenges in this holiday peak season is to convert the audience into paying clients. An eCommerce website might have great traffic, a lot of clicks and responses but they aren’t generating the sales they prepared for. What can they do to get more business?

The first and foremost would be to figure out why your audience isn’t converting – are you targeting the right users? Is your mobile site functioning seamlessly? Do your online channels experience technical challenges often? Does your client base trust you? Do you customise your site for your clients? Always think from a customer’s perspective and see if you are doing everything possible to convert them to paying consumers.

Utilising the Right Tools to Fix Your Challenges

Adopting the proper technology or partner will make or break your brand. A merchant’s growth might be inadequate because the technology is curbing them or because they have engaged with the wrong agency to manage their projects.

Several aspects are required to be in place for a successful eCommerce business, but a good technology foundation is important.

Nothing has pushed eCommerce like the preconditions of 2020. While there have been several impressive and positive developments, there are still online businesses that contend with the challenges that come along with eCommerce. The above-mentioned trends and challenges can help eCommerce businesses to reconsider and strategize for the upcoming holiday peak season sales.

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