A Complete Tactics Guide for Your eCommerce Marketing Automation in 2022

Digital marketing is crucial for online businesses to grow these days. Once you have established your eCommerce store, you have to drive traffic to it because that’s the only way to boost the number of orders, traffic, and average order value.

The passport to boost your conversion is building up solid digital marketing tactics that cater consistent, timely, and authentic products/services information to clients. It also brings you and your products noticed before the competition and places your website at the top of search results.

62% of B2B consumers depend on online content to make their shopping decisions, and this number will only increase in the coming years. Marketing automation points to the application of software and technologies for automating marketing exercises. This eases the marketers to engage leads, nurture them further down the funnel, figure out lead behaviour, and campaign performance.

For example, with automated email, you can engage with your clients by sending welcome emails to them. Marketing automation will go on to advance rapidly in 2022. Currently, most eCommerce marketers are taking advantage of automation to optimise performance for multiple business processes.

So if you are a brand looking for recognition and growth, you have to keep up a positive online presence. Follow the below eCommerce marketing tactics that will add value to your digital presence and drive conversions in the coming year.

eCommerce Marketing Automation

eCommerce marketing automation is an advanced process designed to achieve the requirements of eCommerce marketers. So, different tasks are executed with the application of eCommerce marketing automation software and goal-driven automation.

eCommerce marketing automation software can make your procedures exceptionally easier, smarter, and progressive. eCommerce marketing automation software finally boosts up your eCommerce business. Here are a few of the best eCommerce marketing automation software tools to use in 2022:

  • Pardot
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Wigzo
  • Constant Contact
  • Eloqua
  • PipeDrive

Why eCommerce Marketing Automation

Lead Generation and Conversion

With the help of marketing automation, you can engage prospects and transform them into leads. By this, you can engage your clients more and offer your products and services to potential audiences.

Marketing Campaigns

With eCommerce marketing automation, you can send customised marketing campaigns to clients. You can build brand awareness and provide services. This will finally increase your sales, and make more active relationships with your clients.

Reduced CRM Cost

Marketing automation software automates the different processes which demand human efforts, streamlining workflows and costs. You won’t need many employees to handle your clients and business processes.

Better Client Targeting

You can connect with your clients, solve their queries, and provide an exceptional experience to them with the help of distinct autoresponders (chatbots, SMS, emails). Better reach and better tactics will improve client satisfaction, and open the doors to develop growth.


Marketing automation helps in delivering automated emails to targeted customers, establishing workflows, creating templates, developing reports, analysing them, and many more tasks. This facilitates you to focus on high-priority tasks and cuts down errors.

Human Errors

Automation makes minimal errors, as the initial work is done and then its set and forget! When someone does repetitive tasks, they can become tired after some time. After a while, his distraction leads to errors. So, leveraging automation software fends off repetitive tasks and higher accuracy.

Improved Results

With automation, individual productivity increases with even better results. This saves a lot of time and work, and that energy saved can be used towards other beneficial tasks which after all, scale up your business outcomes.

Reduced Workload

By leveraging automated marketing software, you can engage with your clients through paths of least resistance. This is because you won’t have to spend time making templates, customising emails, designing landing pages, and setting up product pages, etc. Your work can be more streamlined altogether with marketing automation.

Benefits of eCommerce Marketing Automation

In the time of a competitive world, it has become imperative for businesses to endorse eCommerce marketing automation. Here are some benefits:

  • Better client targeting – Social media helps to connect audiences and targeting them. eCommerce marketing automation extends different smart marketing tactics. These tactics benefit reaching the right audience at the right time, and right place.
  • Notifications – eCommerce marketing automation software frequently sends updates related to abandoned carts, flash sales, discounts, and offers, etc. These notifications facilitate staying connected with clients and keep them engaged.
  • Personalisation – It also helps in gathering data, sending customised emails, messages and other modes of communication to targeted audiences once segmented. This boosts the engagement rate of clients and enhances your marketing outcome.
  • Better Analytics – With the aid of eCommerce marketing automation, you can inspect the performance of your different campaigns. This will let you recognise where you are, where to improve, and where you need to get.
  • Cross-selling and Up-selling– eCommerce marketing automation have the proficiency to send customised emails to clients telling them about the products compatible with their purchases.
  • Sales Marketing – eCommerce marketing automation assists to go back to clients that have not engaged for a longer period and prompt them.

Let’s take a look at some of the effective tactics here:

Email Marketing Automation

Many experienced eCommerce marketers admit that email marketing automation is an adaptable marketing tactic and can improve a business’s ROI massively. There are more new tools introduced to execute email marketing through automation.

This has created email marketing more competent, advantageous, and cost-effective. So, it’s only logical to integrate it into your digital marketing tactics.

Analytics Automation

By leveraging eCommerce marketing automation software with inconclusive analytics, you can evaluate several important factors. These factors consist of marketing trends, client behaviour, business actions, their performance, and advancement areas etc.

Analytics has two imperative elements:

  • ROI – With automated software you can determine ROI. You can notice how to reduce your costs and whether you are on the right path. This can help to make your business strategy better.
  • Performance – With automated software, you can figure out the performance of your marketing campaigns. You can analyse whether the targeted customers are engaging or not, and lead conversions into sales, etc.

CRM Automation

The automation model provides you with the expertise to automate your client relationship management (CRM) procedure.

A CRM adds client data via a dashboard favouring marketing executives and teams to access the credentials, consisting of emails, phone numbers, locations, and other info, and adopt it in their campaigns.

CRM automation programs facilitate marketers to identify where their leads are in the sales funnel, bolstering them to convert those potential clients.

Handling a CRM automation platform backs teams to connect with clients and track their interactions.

Landing Page Automation

As a marketer, you’ve likely had to design a landing page at some point. While the process can be challenging with various people or departments taking part in setting up your landing page, some tools can help you build such a page in minutes.

Landing pages help brands to attract clients and build up their conversion rates.

Automation software for landing pages favours marketers to set up landing pages using pre-made templates and layouts with personalisable call-to-actions, without the difficulty of coding.

Mobile Marketing Automation

With more users depending on their mobile phones every day and with many handling it as a laptop or desktop alternative, mobile marketing automation tools allow a great opportunity for eCommerce businesses. This can include SMS or push notifications.

Because business people or marketing and sales executives, use their mobile phones to do business. Features for mobile marketing automation encompass “customised, real-time messaging, analytics and A/B testing of content, [and] assimilation with applications and other data sources getting from the user’s mobile device.”

While your business model and product demand play a big role in escalating sales numbers, improving eCommerce marketing approaches for your website is equally crucial. Advancement in conversion rates can benefit your business sustain a radical rise in its revenue.

Your advertising agency, sales team, and content experts must be aligned with the client sales funnel and business targets to achieve the desired results.

These big-picture tactics will help you take your basic step into driving conversion to your site in 2022. So, enforce them and start to notice how your eCommerce business transforms.

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