Enhance your Content Marketing with the Latest eCommerce Blog Ideas

Creating blog content is a tremendous marketing strategy for your eCommerce business since brands which develop blog content receive 67% more leads than others. Regardless of how big your business is, the idea of an eCommerce blog is to attract more customers to your brand. That is why we have included a few eCommerce blog ideas to enhance your content marketing strategy!

A blog can offer value in different ways: it hands out the prospect to tell the audience about your brand vision and the services offered, it can raise awareness, and further, it enhances the chance that your website will rank high on search engines.

Blog About Personal Stories From Your Staff

Leverage your blog content to feature the people behind your brand and to reveal the vision of your brand. Use images of your employees sharing their interests and hobbies. Blogs extend an incredible platform to explore your brand and split it from the mass of data floating around in the digital world of today.

94 per cent of clients are expected to show interest in a brand that offers total transparency! Transparency, loyalty, and showing the people behind the firm are key to marketing effectively.

Another exceptional idea for blog content is to directly advertise what your product can do. For example, if you are dealing with cleaning supplies, share stories of the best remover for particular stains.

Share Your Experiences

How long has it been since you presented the story of how your brand came to fruition? Let clients see where it all began. Do you have old photographs that you don’t mind looking at while you talk about the initial stages of your business?

Share your corporate values, ethics and culture. But if this is the only thing you have to talk about, your audience will lose interest fast. Publish more people-oriented content so your audience understands the people behind the screen. Show how your brand puts those values and ethics into practice through the struggle that you endure.

Create a blog that testifies to your celebrations. Let users see pictures of your recent shopping events, office picnic or holiday party. This can be an excellent way to refine your content and brand.

Product Reviews, Demos and Comparisons

Blog content is an excellent way to exhibit a product or service in a contemporary way. Use eCommerce product videos to present your product in action – how it works, putting it to action, etc. This will provide your readers with hidden gems of insight that will both engage and attract them.

In your blog, explain ways you use your products and services other than how they are expected. Is there an opportunity for the different industries to utilise your products? You may come upon clients that use your products differently than you have ever imagined.

Review your products with a broad and genuine approach. Articles published with both positive and negative points will be appreciated more by your clients and after all, lead to a higher conversion rate. People want you to connect with them sincerely instead of as a business person.

New Product & Sales Announcements

Take the time to create a blog about your latest products or services. It will help the users to understand what sets the new product or service apart from your current competitors.

By showcasing real-life applications, you’ll build up the relevance of your products and services, helping your audience to connect your brand to their own lives.

Don’t be scared to use your eCommerce blog as a sounding board for newly launched items. Adding a bit of information will engage some users’ interests early and will pave the way for the convenience of pre-ordered and/or tested products or services. In your blog, explain the benefits of pre-ordering gifts for exclusive occasions and holidays.

Try adding a unique link only available on the blog that will extend a preview solely for your blog subscribers where they can view future deals with their offer prices, allowing you to track their engagement.

With the right ideas, tools, and motivation to start creating your eCommerce blog, it’s time to start writing! Focusing on developing your content marketing efforts will benefit you by building a new audience and ranking high on search engines.

A reliable flow of fresh content for your brand may even lead you to a new segment of clients you never intended to target before.
We know that writing, in and of itself, can be challenging. That’s where digital marketing agencies come in! Find out one of the best marketing agencies nearby and seek their help to build more engaging content for your eCommerce business.

If you want to enhance your eCommerce content marketing strategies, feel free to reach out to our team today!

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