Do I Need An Agency for Social Media or Can I Do It Myself?

Does your business require an agency to handle its social media? Or can you do it yourself? One of the most significant demands of every business nowadays is creating engagement through social media, but managing different channels is becoming more time consuming than ever.

There’s pros and cons for doing it yourself or having someone working on your social channels in-house. On the flip side, experts from a social media agency can benefit your brand by increasing social media engagement to help your business flourish. So, can outsourcing to an agency really help you to evolve your business?

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Social media is upholding businesses and brands for those who utilise it wisely. Users could be individuals, the business itself or an agency which is hired to manage social media. Having a good social media engagement strategy supports a business to stay active on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other channels.

It is clear that your business needs social media marketing – but you are struggling to make a decision if you should employ an agency to handle your social media platforms or do it yourself. There are advantages for both, but here we are highlighting some of the reasons you would benefit from the assistance of a professional:

Building Brand Recognition

You need to market your business so it is extensively noticed on all social media platforms and get your business conferred about among the influencers. Impressive! But not every person is conscious of social media trends and their constantly evolving styles. When you hire an agency to handle social media, it will bring your business to another level. Social media experts know where to start, which social media platforms to utilise, and what sort of content your business needs. It can take all of this insight to get your business within sight of your target audience.

Managing social media content and handling different accounts will be a challenge for the in-house team simply because it’s like working in a vacuum. Social media professionals usually work in a collaborative, team setup, where concepts are strategically developed and exchanged for effective and immediate improvements to be made. They can offer a fresh and market-minded approach for your business you may have overlooked.

These teams work closely with the client and the target audience’s point of view in mind to create strategic content that works towards achieving business objectives. When collaborating with smaller marketing teams, you will find that they have the time to be more attentive to your brand. Sharing the workload in this manner, among a team of professionals, makes working social media accounts more convenient and sensible, and generates greater content quality.

Custom Graphic Design

Most of the content nowadays on familiar social media platforms should be personalised. Customised graphics design benefits by consolidating the business’s vision into all marketing efforts, setting up specific and relevant brand content that people can quickly associate the brand with. Branding has become more and more crucial, specifically in the world of marketing, where the image is everything.

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Advertisers are steadily blocking out the best ideas to stand out from marketing competition, and the most impressive way to accomplish that contrast is to develop custom graphics and content that boost value to a business through integrated branding. Effective branding is also stable support for establishing longtime brand allegiance and establishing the business for years to come. Agencies can also be entrusted with being up-to-date on picture specifications and file sizes for the different social platforms, handling multiple social accounts, for a seamless and competent look.

Paid Reach

Business owners who try marketing strategies on social media themselves often don’t have the understanding or experience required to successfully handle their accounts. Because of this, they think social media doesn’t work for them. Many brands also expect that they can create an impact utilising organic reach only, but that’s not the fact. Organic reach is not the most remarkably effective or beneficial way to reach customers, in fact, algorithms are always changing and made it tougher than ever to reach the target audience on their preferred social media platforms.


To withstand this, agencies can block out and plan ideas to include any ad budget to back paid reach attempts. Investing to create fresh content can benefit to increase conversions and brand awareness, as well as support a business to get real results by practising personalised performance metrics that provide data on who, where, and how people are connecting with the brand. They’re experts and have a wealth of knowledge and experience they can apply to advertising across different platforms and industries.

Projecting Brand Values


Social media agencies are experienced at projecting and upholding the value of your business. This incorporates promoting the emotional, factual and other perks of a business, product or service. Social media agencies are qualified to promote the positive impressions of your business, while upholding business values. These agencies are also experienced at using social media to portray these business values.

What If You Do It Yourself?

Many of the greatest success stories in social media develop when they handle their social media on their own. Most new business owners think managing social media accounts themselves because handling Facebook or Twitter sounds easy. Yes, it’s simple to flourish your network on any social media. But it’s a next-level task to get leads and deals from social media platforms. That’s why we often hear that businesses are doing everything possible but still not getting any leads. Well, the thing is, they may NOT have done everything because they may not have the relevant knowledge about every aspect of the evolving social media landscape.


However, you can manage your social media yourself if:

  • You have at least 1-2 hours every day to spend on social media management
  • You don’t have the budget to hire an agency
  • You are ready to invest in research and training to build your knowledge of social media management

It can usually be beneficial to employ an agency to handle various social media platforms. This helps businesses hand off social media marketing difficulties to experts while concentrating on other aspects of their brand.

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