Do I need an agency for SEO?

When creating a website for your business, it doesn’t matter how much time and energy you put into it if it isn’t getting noticed by potential customers. Nowadays there are many ways to attract the clients to your website, but the most important is SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a steadily progressing process, as search engines continue to update their algorithms to administer a finer searchability and user experience. SEO can be efficiently executed with keyword density and cheaply available backlinks. However, present-day SEO works as part of a comprehensive, organised digital marketing program.


Many businesses do not have adequate SEO experience and therefore experience many complications when trying to produce significant SEO success. Setting up potent backlinks now requires content engagements, influencer marketing, and some PR knowledge. Thus, today’s keyword strategy requires user intent analysis, experience in content marketing, and proficiency in Google’s ranking preferences. As this task often requires more than one or two SEO professionals in a marketing team, many brands prefer to partner with an experienced SEO agency.


Appointing an SEO agency is not a simple task. Some of the best SEO agencies can increase organic traffic to your website, reform your search rankings, and help you bring about more leads and sales. The question, “Do I need an agency for SEO?” frequently comes up during the business development phase. The answer won’t always be YES; Not everyone or every firm needs to hire an agency. Below are some helpful guidelines to help determine if an SEO agency is right for your business:

DO Hire An Agency If:

You have dedicated internal SEO resources

Today you cannot simply go out and choose an agency and get great results without any internal efforts. In order to benefit the most from an SEO agency, it’s important to ensure that you have enough time and internal resources to invest in the process.

You have trusted analytics data

Any experienced SEO or digital marketing agency needs to resolve any data integrity problems before preparing goals or carrying on with a task. Without a thorough understanding of the current status of your business, how will you know what is actually attainable? From double-counting discussions to considering e-commerce tracking arrangements to identifying your conversion funnel, there is a lot to trace down before initiating SEO.

You have enough budget and resources

Most SEO agencies will not prefer to access your website, make some changes, and then publish. An experienced agency is going to analyse your website to make sure that there is a solid technical SEO base. This is where a lot of the additional expenses can develop as recommendations could include replacing the URL structure, improving the website ranking, and setting up or updating important resources and content on the website.

An SEO agency will provide technical SEO knowledge, an experienced team, project strategy, objective setting, content planning, and more. So this will be expensive and if that budget seems too big for you, it’s better to hire some in-house staff.

For long term success

An SEO agency can be an essential tool when aiming for long-term SEO success. As an agency offers a cohesive and holistic approach to optimising your search engine presence, the process may take more time than you are expecting to commit. If you are in need of more immediate results, a paid search service will provide a more efficient method of accomplishing higher traffic rates in a shorter amount of time. Choosing to invest in an SEO agency, however, will eventually lead to greater and more consistent success when it comes to maintaining your website’s traffic.

You are having trouble improving your organic ranking

In the past, SEO was only about Keywords, Links, Rankings and so but modern search engine optimisation has expanded to include data analysis, customer behaviour tracking and more. Many firms notice that their online engagement is tough to track down – this is where a professional SEO agency steps in.

A professional SEO agency with organic search and an integrated SEO approach focus more on the customers and less on keywords or even the search engines themselves. The methods they use are now more focused on how customers engage with a specific brand – information that will determine how these firms will be rated by the search engines.

DON’T Hire An Agency If:

You feel like they are not the right fit for your work culture

A lot of agencies cannot adjust to your work culture or working environment. You have to clearly set the working terms and policy and work together. Hiring an agency can be like adding another employee. You need to establish if you will be communicating daily, require weekly calls, want them to deliver reports weekly or monthly, and whether they will be an extension of your company. You should inquire how they interact with customers to ensure that it is consistent with your company culture and values, but also give the agency space to do what they do best.

They are not giving priority to revenue

You cannot settle your bills in website rankings and the agency you choose shouldn’t evaluate their achievements based on rankings. Website rankings are an excellent early signal that actions are going in the right direction, but if it is not followed by an increase in traffic, conversions, and income, then they are simply useless.

You have the resources and capabilities

Don’t hire an SEO agency if you are confident in your resources and the team you already have. If you can improve your website rankings without requiring any external assistance there’s no need to waste your money on outsourcing. Do consider it if your marketing manager can’t work outside of hours, as an agency will likely have the flexibility to do so.

So, do you need to hire an SEO agency?

When your business has the appropriate resources and identifies an agency that gives priority to income and long term planning, then you should hire an agency and accomplish your business dreams and goals. But be careful not to spend money on something that can be achieved without outside help. It’s important to carefully evaluate whether or not an agency is suitable for you before making any commitments.

Are you in search of an experienced and well established SEO agency that can assist you in flourishing your business website? Read this before making any decisions.

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