Dazzling Holiday Marketing Campaign Tips to Revamp Your Online Business

Although Christmas time primes itself as a premium marketing period for the year, it isn’t the only holiday marketing season. A lot more may come as a surprise, actually, as you could argue that it lasts long all the year. That’s because nowadays with a multicultural society we have seasonal, recurring, universal marketing events – almost every few months. This consists of Boxing Day, New Years, Australia Day, Valentine’s Day, Anzac Day and Easter to promote your brands, products, and services.

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So for the sake of clarity, we’ll point to all of these as ‘holiday marketing’ campaigns because, after all, in many ways you are implementing the same marketing strategy to the campaigns you set up for them.

For digital marketers, having to formulate campaigns and content for these occasions all year round can allow for fresh ideas with a unique spin. What’s more, it can get tougher year after year to get the results you need from these brief campaigns.

Overlooking the new trends of the holiday scramble can turn out to be an expensive misstep for your business. So, setting up your holiday marketing campaign weeks in advance will hand out your team a cutthroat edge over business who wait until the holidays have already shown up.

Just as customer demeanour tends to be steady after every holiday season, so are the ways businesses can aim ahead to stipulate themselves up for success. So, here we are providing some tips for holiday season marketing to benefit your business to help drive more traffic and generate more sales.

Enhance Your Brand Recognition

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Everywhere your business has space, your holiday marketing should advertise common and persistent themes, incorporating:

  • A specific logo that is immediately recognisable as your brand.
  • A holiday tagline that conjures prompt recognition (with bonus points for tapping into an emotion).
  • Using a similar colour scheme along with all your holiday marketing ads and signage (so that its cohesive recognisable across platforms).

Some other things to consider are the possibility of bringing in a noticeable brand ambassador for your business or organisation. Even a regional celebrity influencer can enhance acceptance, recognition and reach of your brand for awareness or promotional purposes. Even without the leg up from influencers, a holiday marketing campaign that carries a consistent message will benefit customers to recognise your brand much more swiftly. With acceptance comes trust, and with trust comes conversion.

Analyse Your Previous Marketing Strategies

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Should traditional marketing strategies be forgotten and never taken into consideration? That’s not right! The best way to start your holiday marketing strategy is by assessing the previous holidays. Take a glimpse at the marketing strategy you applied this time last year, and assess what worked, what didn’t, and which factors you would like to utilise again this time. Results over time should inform your next moves.

Execute Free Shipping Campaign

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Providing free shipping is assuredly an influential strategy when it comes to impressive eCommerce marketing. Majority of customers have accepted they would be more inclined to shop online if free shipping was included. Although, some would still shop more to reach the recommended price point required to hit the free shipping threshold. Regardless, it is a sure-fire strategy to consider if you want to encourage and secure more frequent (if potentially smaller) sales. Including free shipping offers available throughout your holiday marketing strategy not only inspires customers to carry out a purchase but also contributes to your business with the chance to upsell. Customers can spend more on your products using the money saved on shipping.

Stimulate Your SEO

To enhance your brand marketing during the holiday season, you have to do some spicing up of your SEO. Prevalent search queries often shuffle around during the holiday period, and your business should adopt it by including seasonal words and phrases like “holiday deal” or “free shipping” into your keyword planning. Depending on your business you might require to get even more precise, such as “holiday smartphone sale” for an electronics shop.

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Carry out these same modifications in your blog posts, on-page SEO contents and backlinks to manage your SEO strategy steady. Keep the focus to which keywords are presently making the most traffic to your site, and uphold seasonal versions of those phrases. The holidays hand over a fruitful (and fruit cake filled) time to build up your web traffic, so make this stride one of your elite preferences if you want to expand your audience.

Flash Sales

Including flash sales into your holiday marketing campaign could give your brand with your biggest shopping wave of the year. The time-sensitive nature of flash sales imparts a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out) in your customers, which makes the urge to buy and buy quick.

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Before you start a flash sale, you’ll initially need to strategise your basic target or objective. Are you expecting to move a commodity that is not selling so well? Do you require to move a huge amount of inventory before the new year? No matter what you are working to achieve, according to Hubspot, you can expect a potential 35% transaction rate hike from setting up this kind of offer. Creating flash sales is a productive strategy to consider as we head into the holiday seasons.

Utilise Competitive Keywords

For a digital marketing strategy, the key part of preparing for the holidays is gathering lists of seasonally compatible keywords such as “Black Friday Deals,” “Holiday Season Purchases,” and so on. This is because potential customers who are seeing these keywords will certainly be commercially motivated, grabbing your products and offers quickly.

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It is important to keep in mind that the competition for these keywords is great. If you bid on them without any added filters, your marketing campaign budgets are likely to drain out in no time. That’s why we propose layering your valuable keywords with audience targeting.

Although the keyword remains the leading tool for targeting compatible clients with search campaigns, Google has constantly built a strong collection of audience targeting quick fixes over the years.

Be Prepared for Greater Competition

With all the holiday marketing promotions around the holiday shopping period, email marketing will be more crucial than ever in bringing clients to your online store. Ensure your email marketing campaigns benefit you to stand out from the crowd and distinctly advertise the perks of shopping with you over your competitors.

But, getting clients in the door is just part of the campaign. Over 3/4 of customers are likely to exit a site without executing a purchase. The cart abandonment rate combined with the surge in the competition will make the holidays a tough time for businesses. To cope, you should be keeping up with dynamic client activities.

The holiday season will generate revenue goals for practically every B2C and B2B marketer. An increase in customers purchasing online combined with a consistent surge of competition makes it more complicated for brands to succeed during the holiday season, especially during a global pandemic. But following these tips can take your business to an advantage that can put your brand ahead of others and bring in loyal clients and customers. Start working out strategies now, keep your clients in mind during every choice you make and do not forget about creating lifetime value with your business.

Many small businesses are struggling to customise a holiday marketing strategy, and maybe you are also looking for more tips and help from a professional team. You’ve come to the right place! We have all the expertise to create the finest holiday business strategy and help to flourish your business and have it jingling all the way to the bank.

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