Tips to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy For The Upcoming Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday shopping season is all about creating relevant website traffic and transforming your audience into satisfied clients. In eCommerce marketing, few strategies are as competent in obtaining good results as search engine optimisation. SEO is the foundation of any decent marketing strategy as it incorporates a variety of aspects like user experience, images, video content, informative content, intent-focused copy, site speed, and a variety of other facets. The point is, SEO influences a lot of different elements.

When getting your eCommerce store ready for the holiday season, it is easy to ignore SEO requirements while crafting holiday deals, stocking up on inventory, strategising email campaigns, and dealing with a myriad of other tasks imperative for seasonal success.

The holiday season is challenging — for both businesses and individuals. While shoppers use the internet to browse, shop, and save for holiday gifts, businesses must boost their marketing efforts to transform their leads into sales.

However, SEO is an indispensable element to any eCommerce store’s holiday marketing strategy. To boost the success of your SEO campaign and ensure that you don’t miss out on organic traffic this holiday season, shift your focus more on content marketing strategies. A number of these strategies can be found here. So let’s begin!

Fresh and Consistent Content

Moving up the Google rankings isn’t about stuffing keywords into your content, it’s about posting compatible, consistent, high-quality content. Google ramps up websites that put out fresh and relevant content — especially when you are a new business. Strategising holiday relevant content in advance prevents potential gaps in your content schedule, and improves your SEO rankings.

Advance Content Planning

Developing a holiday content plan can keep you and your firm from experiencing burnout. If you plan on ramping up content marketing and holiday-related social media promotions, you may have to hire digital marketing agencies to carry out the extra load or develop a backlog of content that you can schedule throughout the holiday season.

Both tactics avert the crash-and-burn effect that often coincides with typical holiday content strategies, and favours for a smooth transition to the offseason.

Customised Content To Meet Holiday Shopping Strategy

This year, it is all about providing content and campaigns that match the search content of potential customers looking for products and services similar to your brand.

This means not only figuring out “what”, but “why” particular customers are searching for your products.

Optimising your videos, image descriptions and contents can help potential customers discover your product or service on YouTube and/or Google Images, enriching search results. Make sure that each page has headers, titles, and other on-page components that use correct keywords. Remember to go beyond keywords, too, with a descriptive blog that mirrors your insight into the concerns your client needs and how they may be solved.

Ensure that you are customising the whole content experience from beginning to end, and that the post-click destination matches the intent of the searcher who is determined to click on that ad.

Adopt AI-powered technology wherever possible in order to customise content in real-time, better meeting the asserted needs of searchers and website audiences. Research shows that customised product recommendations push average order value (AOV) 26% higher.

Develop Messaging Focused on Your Target Audience

Content marketing strategy is preeminent when considering the sales funnel. It is an introduction to your brand — a place where shoppers can conjure up gift ideas, get answers to seasonal queries, and attain holiday-themed inspiration.

To convert online consumers this holiday season; put yourself in the mindset of your potential clients.

If you are creating a lifestyle blog, you might want to put together a gift guide on shopping local during the holidays. If you are a social media influencer, you could execute a giveaway with your preferred gadgets, or photography equipment. If you run a fitness promotion, you could share callisthenics or resistance-band-only workouts.

Get Ahead Of Emerging Trends

Considering the macro trends, it is crucial to be aware of the items customers are most interested in buying this holiday season. For example, last spring as lockdowns were relaxing in many places across the country, costume and luxury items became hot ticket items.

It is necessary to be keen and prepared for upcoming trends in your local region with paid promotions. Figuring out the keywords people use to identify your locations, analysing your Google business insights, exploring trends, and social listening can all cater to clues as to which product or services could be a trendsetter.

You should focus on quality over quantity this holiday season – quality communications, messaging, and experiences will boost sales among a customer base that is bored of the data overload inherent in a lengthy pandemic.

Focus on realising which content categories are resonating, where you can coordinate with high-demand categories, and how you will hand over a seamless, remarkable experience from exploration all the way through to sale.

In addition to these steps, adopting AI and automation wherever possible will help to escalate your efforts. This is the time to utilise technology, content, and workflows to engage, satisfy, and convert clients throughout the holiday season.

Develop an outstanding content marketing strategy for this holiday season with the help of our expert SEO team, give us a call.

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