Bye-bye Facebook Analytics

Facebook’s New Update & What It Means for Marketers

Today, Facebook Analytics is being removed as an access tool for marketers. Trusty Facebook Analytics was useful for tracking and monitoring data for both paid and organic social media efforts. Facebook had sent out an announcement to users and account holders that had used this analytical tool advising that after 30 June 2021, update changes to the platform will result in the Facebook analytics tool itself being no longer available. Adios, Facebook Analytics!

Facebook Analytics was introduced as a tool for marketers to collect data from different facebook components and centralised the information to assist in showing the users journey and engagement across Facebook and Instagram.

What impact will this make for marketers and accessing analytics?

This update, in of itself, will not make much of an expected impact. The general consensus is that, although this analytical tool had its fair share of fans, it failed to convert many marketers who had already invested in other analytical platforms and services. Alternative analytical options include Google analytics not to mention facebook’s own, Facebook Business Suite and the myriad of other tools that Facebook offers: Events Manager, Ads Manager, Page Insights and Instagram Insights.

Other measurement tools that are here to stay (to name a few):

  • Events Manager
  • Ads Manager
  • Page Insights
  • Instagram Insights

Okay, but why now?

This announcement has caused many to speculate that the reason for Facebook announcing this now is most probably due to the impending announcement of further Apple iOS 14 privacy changes. Notably, this change will allow users the option to prohibit some data collection and sharing within their apps unless expressly opted into. This is not expected to be the last change for Facebook and other apps in regards to the developing social media landscape on data sharing, although the impact of Apple’s pricey changes on the actual ability to target advertising is yet to be seen. Nevertheless, it’s worth watching.

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