How to Boost Your eCommerce Sales With Better Copywriting?

Are you creating an eCommerce copy that is not translating into conversions?

Most copywriters and eCommerce business owners have experienced this at some point in their career!

Writing eCommerce copy is a mix of art and science. It is the expertise that makes copies appealing to consumers that is crucial to copywriting. In the digital space, you don’t have the ability to engage with customers through physical interactions to convince them on why they should choose your products. Due to this, the need for an excellent eCommerce product copy is paramount to your success.

There is plenty of information available around on how to create the best eCommerce copy that makes your audience perform the desired call to action.

Some people say that the devil is in the details and that you should create your pages as detailed as possible to give users an explicit picture of why they want to buy your product.

The issue is that most of this information is based on individual experience or decades of behavioural psychology analysis. In reality, there is no evidence that one approach is better than the other, with very little proof to back it up.

So, how should a data-driven business proceed? You may try different eCommerce landing pages or online stores to decide which ones are most suitable for your target audience. However, this may prove to be time consuming and produce hard-to-analyse test results.

We are keen to share some of the best ecommerce copywriting tips taken from successful businesses to help you hone in on your copywriting to engage your audience and increase sales!

eCommerce Copywriting

Ecommerce copywriting comprises writing advertising copy for online stores. It requires the perfect balance between appealing to clients, extolling the product features and ranking high on Google. Your writing expertise can be leveraged in many sections including captions, category pages, descriptions, offers, and landing pages.

The purpose of eCommerce copywriting is to effectively reveal the benefits of your products while also backing your online business in increasing its search engine rankings. To be successful, you must be an exceptional communicator who can play with words, promote the voice of your brand, and envision the psychology of what makes a potential buyer purchase.

Know Your Niche

A niche describes the segmented category which lists your products and services. Before you start copywriting for your brand, identify what you are selling. Figure out its scope, market size, and target clients.

Self-awareness allows an eCommerce copywriter to write content that has a sense of completeness, which is one of the fundamentals of active communication. Your draft must provide a holistic approach for users. This is specifically crucial if you are writing legal, technical, or commercial content. Having a thorough knowledge of your niche, its products, and competitions will be exceptionally advantageous during sales copywriting.

Know Your Audience

Maybe you know your business inside out, but what about your audience?

Knowing your potential audience is an integral part of eCommerce copywriting.

By leveraging advanced analytical tools, we can precisely develop the persona of the perfect content consumer and design our content accordingly. Such analytics consist of collecting demographic data, tracking user behaviour, challenges, activities, and general motivations.

On a much broader level, all handy data points are gathered and organised to bring out the best possible potential identity of the end-user. Even the bland details we barely pay any attention to are widely recorded. By establishing the ideal client personas, you can make the most out of your product copy to entice them.

Bullet Points, Paragraphs and Numbered Lists

According to studies, a broad 79% of users scan read sites. Doing so allows them to notice the extensive pieces of information that they are looking for and effectively move on to other content that appeals to them.

If you want users to notice essential information instantly, write your marketing copy attractively. This implies breaking it up into clearly readable paragraphs, along with the inclusion of bullet points and numbered lists.

This will make sure that potential clients identify what they are looking for without becoming disinterested and going elsewhere. Put all of your main marketing points in bullet point lists to create an impeccable and persuasive copy.

Create Urgency

In eCommerce copywriting, urgency is a successful technique to push potential consumers to take immediate action. We have to let them know that purchasing as soon as possible is in their best interests.

We have many approaches to convey urgency:

  • Limited stock notifications
  • Flash sales
  • Limited edition sales
  • Time limits for special offer
  • Free delivery with conditions applied

One thing to notice when conveying urgency – concentrate on the most crucial details that your buyers need to convert. You should add details that might include timelines, offers, promotional codes, conditions, and, of course, some encouragement to engage.

Always Include CTAs

This is one of the most effective tips that we have for you, yet one that still so many brands forget to add in their copy.

If you want to ensure that people purchase, you have to add a CTA within every piece of content. It could be something as smooth as “Call us now on…” or you could go for something more interactive, like a newsletter sign up form. This will hand out clear directions to the target audience once they have finished reading your content.

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