7 steps to create a good landing page that converts

You should always plan your landing page with the utmost care. It’s just common sense to do so, as your landing page is where your potential customers will land on as they manoeuvre around the internet.

So, what’s a landing page? Landing pages are any designated pages that follow a call-to-action button or ad. It can also be your website homepage. The page has a specific intention and that is CONVERSION.

A landing page will always ask its visitors for their contact information (or lead forms) in exchange for an offer/service. A good landing page will help you to convert your audience into leads.

What are the best landing page practices?

  • Craft headlines that are focused and specific
    It is not possible to convert every visitor that lands on your page. However, you can reduce this bounce rate by providing your visitors with a clear heading that concisely communicates with your audience what you have to offer.
    Why the heading? Because that’s the first thing your audience will notice when they visit your page.
  • Design an image that portrays the offer
    Images illustrated on your landing page should appeal to your target audience. Try to convey feeling or emotion using the images. Make use of the images on your landing page to connect better with your audience.
  • Write compelling copy
    If you are using your headline and image to grab the immediate attention of your target audience, write compelling copy to sell your call-to-action. Use clear and concise words to guide your audience to your call-to-action. Remember to talk directly to your audience using words like ‘you’ or ‘your’.
  • Place the lead form ‘above the fold’
    The lead form should be readily accessible to your visitors. You don’t want to bore them by making them scan and search your landing page to find your offer or get the lead form
  • Let your call-to-action (CTA) stand out
    The CTA button is one of the most important elements on your landing page. Make sure it is visible to the eyes of your visitors. Use colours that will stand out compared to the other elements on your page. Be specific about the action you want your audience to take and use an action verb to describe it correctly, like ‘Download’, ‘Submit’, or ‘Buy Now’.
  • Remove all navigation from your page
    You want your landing page to be free of any kind of distraction. Your goal should be conversion and conversion only. So, remove any other link, including internal links on your landing page to draw maximum attention to your call-to-action.
  • Design a thank you page
    Redirect your visitors to a thank you page once they have completed using your page. Thank them for their interest in your page. This also provides you with an opportunity to present your lead with additional relevant information.

If you’re looking for additional guidance in creating a landing page that converts, we’re always here to help you out!

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