7 Essential Stages of Powerful Branding [INFOGRAPHICS]

Behind every successful product is a powerful brand.

Our brain is wired to notice things that are different and unique. You need to stand-out. You need to brand your business.

What is a brand? – Is it the logo? The design? Or the colours? A brand is the combination of all these elements and the emotion it creates in the minds of the audience. To make it more clear, let’s call that emotion — the Heartbeat.

Branding is not selling. Selling is when you try to convert. The most successful businesses in the world don’t sell, they create an experience. Their ads focus on a common emotion about the simplicity and luxury of using their product. Emotion makes your brand memorable.

People have too much to choose from and with minimal difference between the products, how do they make this decision? It’s all about the heartbeat you have created.

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