6 Exceptional Ideas To Promote Using YouTube In 2020

Starting a YouTube channel is excellent for both business and personal use. A YouTube channel is an outstanding tool for the promotion of your service or products and also for personal purposes, as the platform attracts more than a billion unique viewers every month.

However, you must execute exceptional strategies in order to gain adequate followers for your channel. Otherwise, you won’t get enough viewers or followers.

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YouTube is a powerful tool that can be used to build up your brand’s value, especially if you notice that your target audience has a preference for more visual and video content. Whether you are running a B2B service or a retail business, there is great scope with video marketing. You can engage your customers in a lot of ways on this platform and use it to effectively market your brand.

You have to be up-to-date with any new trends and features in social media marketing for your YouTube channel building and marketing strategy. YouTube marketing is growing swiftly across the globe, not only because of the demand for online videos but also because of the convenience of the platform. After Google, YouTube is becoming the second most popular search engine, and people are using YouTube for comprehensive visual explanations to their questions.

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Here we take a look at some outstanding YouTube marketing ideas to take your business to next level:

Building a YouTube Channel For Your Brand

The first step you should take is to build your own YouTube channel, and use it to publish the story of your brand to your viewers. Your brand’s voice should be communicated through every aspect of the channel, from it’s icon to the description. You can include a personalised YouTube banner as well, with social media icons to direct your viewers to your social media handles across different platforms.

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Always try to include a brief description of your brand in the ‘About’ section of your YouTube channel. This will help every new visitor to get to know your business and convey your brand identity. Include calls to action (CTA) which lead to your website or any other social media platforms you wish to direct your viewers to. Spread the word.

Finally, organise your videos into various playlists. You can make branded playlists with your unique brand name and categorise playlists into different sections depending upon the content of your videos.

Video Optimisation with YouTube SEO

One of the most important things to do in YouTube marketing is to utilise SEO for your content, but most users are still not aware of this feature. It is not as frequently executed as an article or website SEO, therefore, choosing to consider SEO when creating content for YouTube will help to make your business stand out against competitors.

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Every day billions of videos are uploaded on YouTube. You have to utilise SEO to give your video a strong online presence. If you can optimise your YouTube video with SEO, its rank on relevant Google results pages will be boosted. Since Google makes your videos more accessible to find and share, it will easily be found by potential clients.

Create and Upload Contents Consistently

Consistently create videos that can engage your audience, and most importantly, they should bring out your brand’s identity. You can also make videos that complement your business’s blog or website content. Communicate with the viewers to get quick reviews of your brand and ask them to share the experience while using your products, services and more to assist with your YouTube marketing plans.

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Posting informative tutorials about your products and services can engage your target audience, depending what market you are in. Interviews with industry professionals, experienced people and subject matter experts may also be useful.

Remember: consistency is key. Keep posting videos regularly and consistently on your YouTube channel and follow a schedule that is designed to encourage engagement. Identify the times when more viewers are active and take advantage of this period to post your content.

Utilise YouTube Tools

YouTube has many tools and features that you can utilise to improve your marketing strategy. Calls to action can also be executed using end screens and cards. By using YouTube tools, you can attach another video from your playlist which is relevant to the current content. Thus, you can increase the views of older videos at the same time.

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You can use transcripts on your videos and closed captions to make the content universal. This will help to cut out the language barrier and make your video visible to viewers across borders. You can also boost your YouTube SEO rankings by utilising the keyword optimisation feature.

YouTube Stories

YouTube has recently introduced the ‘story’ feature, following the likes of Instagram and Facebook. This feature allows you to post short, mobile-only videos with an expiry of 7 days. This feature is only available once you reach 10,000 subscribers.

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YouTube stories can be easily made in a matter of seconds. On the platform you can edit them by trimming them down, adding filters, texts, music and stickers, as well as links to your contents.

This new feature helps business people to build strong relationships with the audience and permits you to expand the reach of your content on YouTube, thus boosting engagement.

Descriptions and Thumbnails

By providing optimised descriptions and thumbnails to your YouTube videos you can attract an audience promptly and en masse. The thumbnails of your YouTube video should draw the attention of viewers and make them want to click and watch your content. The most influential elements of a great YouTube thumbnail include a relevant image and a title (of course). Try to include an eye grabbing title, picture and caption that will engage your audience. Using facial-closeup images is great along with bold text. This will give your viewers an idea of the video’s content through the thumbnail. Keep it consistent for your branding, too.

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A video’s description is also equally crucial in improving your YouTube marketing strategy. An optimised video description can be used to enhance YouTube SEO through the use of catchy phrases and key terms. Make sure people know what your video is about!

An exceptional YouTube marketing strategy takes advantage of all these tools and features and utilises them to build user engagement. It also includes monitoring the industry and your competitors as well.

As the YouTube marketing competition is advancing even more aggressively in 2020, you have to make your own marketing strategy to stay ahead in the field. Following the ideas mentioned above will help you to kickstart your YouTube marketing in 2020 through to a strong impact in 2021.

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