5 Tips for Staying Ahead with SEO during COVID-19

Don’t ease up on your SEO strategy because of COVID-19. In fact, now is the most important time to constantly be revising your strategy along with changing search trends. People still need to purchase products, and the inability to freely leave the house to do so is leading customers to shop online more frequently. Although your organic traffic may be low currently, disregarding SEO now will cause a negative impact on your rankings. This can potentially hinder your success in the long term. Keep reading to find out how you can stay on top of your SEO strategy to reach your customers during COVID-19.

Make sure to revise your keywords

During these turbulent times, it’s important to monitor and revise keywords more frequently, since user search interests and habits are changing more often. Generally speaking, there has been a drop in search demand caused by COVID-19, while Coronavirus-related searches are off the charts. Many businesses have found their organic traffic to drop due to a decrease in search impressions, despite rankings being the same. As always, it is vital to keep up with trending keywords to avoid falling behind. If you don’t closely monitor keyword trends, you may lose the opportunity to implement an improved approach that will help your business both now and in the long run.

Stay up to date with Google Trends

Monitoring Google Trends is essential at this time to learn about current trends in your industry, as people’s search behaviour changes dramatically. Increase traffic to your site by adjusting content and work on your SEO strategy to be more relevant according to Google Trends. Without addressing current trends, customers will not pay as much attention to you as you want. Keep an eye out for changes in traffic drops and engagement rates.

Reconsider your content strategy

During times of economic crises, consumers are much less likely to spend money on non-essential services. So, now is the time to focus on creating content that targets customers at the early stages of the purchasing funnel, like raising awareness and purchase consideration to positively affect conversions in the future. Deliver customers with informative content that establishes your expertise with customers and improves SEO authority. Or even take care to offer that next level of customer service with COVID-19 related content, and let your audience know what you can do for them.

Get ahead by growing your content bank

Do you have more time available now due to self isolation? This is the perfect opportunity to make progress on your content quality and quantity. As mentioned above, your business will benefit from using current content to raise brand awareness and purchase consideration among customers. After everyone is able to move on from the COVID-19 situation, you may find yourself significantly busier due to business flooding back. So, be prepared with your content ahead of time with the foresight to keep it SEO-friendly. In the meantime, keep active and keep producing content. As more of your potential customers are working from home or using social networks, keep them engaged and don’t let them forget about you.

Prioritise your data

Not only will your data from your website, online stores and social media help you alter your strategy to suit the current climate, but it will help you know how to adapt during crises in the future. Utilise the data you have available from various sources to understand things like what products customers are still interested in, what they are actually purchasing and how their behaviour has changed. Having an understanding of your customers behaviour will be invaluable to effectively altering SEO strategy. Knowing the way consumers behave during crises will help you prepare for similar situations in the future, as well.

Final Words

It’s important to continue with a strong SEO strategy, to ensure your traffic doesn’t keep dropping lower than it should, even during a pandemic. The most important reason to have a strong SEO strategy at this time is that it will benefit your business in the long run by helping revive it after the world returns to normal. Targeting your customers now will ensure they come back to your brand when they are ready to purchase, later on.

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