3 steps to up your game on LinkedIn

What social media channels are your brand focusing on the most?

While you spend most of your time curating content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts – you may be missing something important that can take you to success – LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a huge platform connecting half a billion members spread across 200 countries. According to Statista, the number of LinkedIn users was 467 million in Q3 2016.

That’s impressive growth.

After carefully observing the LinkedIn profiles of career-minded professionals and executives of many global brands, we’ve come up with three effective steps on how to make your LinkedIn profile pop.

Let’s dive in.

#1 Build a large LinkedIn network

Expanding your LinkedIn network is very important if you want to grow your brand (or to brand yourself). The logic behind this statement is quite simple.

LinkedIn’s massive search engine allows your profile to appear only in searches within your first, second, and third-degree connections. Which means, If you make more first degree connections, your second and third-degree connections will increase, thus increasing your visibility even more.

In other words, nobody will see your updates unless they are connected to you on the first, second or third level.

On the brighter side, the updates you post on LinkedIn will be shared with the connections of those who liked your updates, bringing in more engagement for your update/profile.

“More connections. More engagement.”

#2 Post high-quality updates

LinkedIn is a business-focused channel, in which you’ll be targeting a different set of audience altogether than your other social media platforms.

Try out different messaging approaches to see which one resonates best with your audience. Try out different tones and styles (ex. playful, serious, informative), lengths of updates (Is it short or long?), and whether or not to use visuals to support the messaging.

Personally, informative, long-form copy style is what I like to follow.

#3 Make use of LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is the publishing platform of LinkedIn for sharing blogs, insights and news from influential brands/people. Brands use LinkedIn Pulse to extend their reach and to share insider stories.

During its initial stages, Pulse was reserved exclusively for the well-known influencers. It was later, in 2014 that LinkedIn decided to share the feature with all of its users.

How does LinkedIn Pulse benefit B2B brands?

In an online business world, if you wish to be seen, you need to focus on getting your content in front of as many audiences as possible. LinkedIn Pulse is an excellent platform to share content with your audience. It allows you to:

  • Build credibility.
    Producing and sharing high-engagement content with your LinkedIn connections will help you to raise brand awareness. The high-quality articles will boost reliability and will help you to brand yourself as an industry expert.
  • Higher brand reach.
    LinkedIn Pulse promotes content to relevant people in your industry, getting you a step closer to achieving your dream.
  • Easy and effective content marketing.
    Brands and business owners can now publish articles without having to learn how to use a complicated content marketing system. Also, LinkedIn articles sometimes perform fantastically well and can end up with 50,000 or even more views.

There you have it. The winning formula to up your game on LinkedIn is the combination of high-quality content and connections.

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