3 Popular Myths About YouTube Trending [Debunked]

YouTube discusses three familiar myths about how it promotes content and describes what it considers for a video to turn out in the ‘Trending’ category. These are the myths which are exposed by one of YouTube’s creator content strategy groups. This incorporates:

  • YouTube Trending hands over the preferential approach to particular creators.
  • YouTube Trending is restricted to high profile content creators.
  • There is a perfect time to post the content to get presented in Trending.
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Before discussing these myths, let’s check out what this YouTube Trending category really is, which is not to be confused with home page suggestions.

What’s YouTube Trending?

Trending is a particular section of YouTube which can be seen in the navigation list. The objective of YouTube trending is to hand over a collection of videos that a far-reaching range of audiences would find engaging.

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This consists of video content that are:

  • Including the diversity of this platform, YouTube.
  • Playing exceptionally well in comparison to other videos on YouTube.
  • Aren’t clickbaity, inaccurate, or exaggerated.
  • Support the trends and culture that are trendy on YouTube at the time.
  • YouTube Trending is one of the sections where users can spot new videos which aren’t typically based on viewing history.

All users throughout the entire nation see the same list of videos in YouTube Trending. This list of videos gets updated around once every 15 minutes to make sure it stays current. Making a video spotlighted in the Trending category is a remarkably big deal. With how sought after space is, video creators have established their own assumptions about why and how videos get preferred.

#Myth 1 – YouTube Prefers Distinct Content.

There is a myth that, in order to categorise on YouTube trending, you have to either pay them or have somebody who works for the platform.

This is completely a myth. YouTube doesn’t take payment for listing in Trending or have any nepotism when favouring the qualification of showing content in YouTube Trending.

The criteria to list videos on Trending is:

  • View count
  • How rapidly the video is developing views
  • From where else the views are generating from
  • How old the video is
  • Performance of the a user’s current video compared to recent uploads from their YouTube channel

There are screening processes to make sure certain kinds of videos do not get listed in trending such as videos with needless profanity, intense violence, adult content, or content which is ridiculing of others.

#Myth 2 – Trending is Only for Big Creators.

It is generally thought amongst creators that the Trending category only showcases late-night talk show hosts or big YouTube content creators.

That is really a myth. In fact, YouTube even guarantees at least fifty per cent of the videos on Trending are from homegrown creators. Also, YouTube Trending has categories for “creator on the rise” and “artist on the rise” which displays a new channel for one whole day.

#Myth 3 – There is an Ideal Time to Post Your Content.

Assumptions around the way behind the YouTube Trending category leads creators to consider there is an “ideal” time to post video content to help one’s opportunities of getting spotlighted.

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That is another myth. As mentioned, the trending list is revised every 15 minutes, which implies every 15 minutes there is another opportunity to show up in Trending. When it comes to posting a video, it is more relevant to get videos out when your target audience is expected to watch them.

People go for video because it hands out them the flexibility to consume the content they wish to see, on the channel they prefer to watch it, and on the schedule that is most handy for them. It is quick, fascinating and easy to digest.

Getting engaged with video content on YouTube can be challenging for many businesses, but recognising the authenticity about what functions can benefit your video content will help with your resistance points along with the move to success.

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