Why we need a responsive website for business?

The number of users who are using mobile phones for surfing is increasing everyday. Therefore, the websites of the businesses should be able to cater to the huge influx of these type of visitors.

What is responsive design ? When websites automatically based on the screen size adjust themselves so that the viewer can view the website optimally regardless of what device is being used, it is called a responsive design.

These responsive designs help in various ways.

  • Most people use mobile devices for social networking and for checking blogs. When these media are used as part of your strategy for marketing, and the user reaches your website which is not responsive, he or she will get frustrated and will quit from your site. Therefore, you will get a lot of bounced traffic.

  • Responsive websites normally load faster and this helps as people do not have the time and patience to wait for slow loading websites to load.
  • The responsive designs help in thinking of the future as whatever screen sizes will come out, these will be accommodated.
  • These sites as they are mobile friendly, they help in an increased conversion and on the other hand if the site was not mobile friendly the customers would not use it as they felt the business did not care about the customers.

Those sites which are high in SERP always use responsive sites and this helps you outrank your competitors.In order to build a good responsive site, one that helps you stay abreast of the competition in terms of designing a strategy, carrying it through, getting the best out of your investment and using the latest in terms of technology,  you need a solid digital marketing partner. One that is creative, has all the know how that is needed and which has the technology to see the ideas and the strategy bear fruit. One such digital marketing partner is Planet Media and you will do well by contacting us.

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