Key Apps to Manage Your PPC Campaigns from Anywhere

A strong pay-per-click (PPC) marketing technique is not any more an alternative for organisations that need to succeed.
Quite a long time ago, as small to medium-sized business, you could rely on organic search results to grab in attention. This is no longer the case.

PPC guests are 50 percent more prone to focus on a buy than somebody who has contacted you through organic search. Now, that’s an opportunity to cash-in to increase your revenues.

The way to an effective PPC procedure is administration. How you oversee, study, and change your technique en route will decide your outcomes.

To adequately deal with your PPC campaigns, you need the correct tools. You additionally need access to these tools when you need them, regardless of where you are. Applications for your mobile make this easy.

Now are you ready to get more clicks and transform browsers into clients?

Here are the basic applications you need in your PPC tool stash to oversee everything from ad words accounts to answering to group joint effort.

Account Management Apps

AdWords and AdWords Express

We realise that Google AdWords is pass on the most generally used search engine. We also know that the dominant part of paid keyword budget is spent on the stage.

Therefore, the AdWords mobile application is one of the most essential tool that will be included in this list.

The AdWords applications make dealing with your PPC campaign a consistent procedure, regardless of where you may be.

  • Analyse how people are associating with your advertisement by observing clicks and active visitor clicking percentage (CTR).
  • Promptly follow-up on recommendations to drive your campaign.
  • Refresh bids and budgets.
  • Stay connected with continuous notifications.
  • Contact a Google expert specifically for direction and proposals.
  • Google AdWords is accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

AdWords Express is accessible on the Google Play Store and iTunes (take note of: this application won’t work for AdWords accounts).

Local Services Ads

While not accessible for everybody (yet), the Local Services Ads application is like AdWords however centered around local benefits and enables nearby sellers to be found on the web and land more position demands.

Inside the application, you can set up ads, pay for and manage leads, see reports, oversee audits and, obviously, deal with your financial plan.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Bing Ads

The Bing Ads application will enable you to keep over your PPC advertisements and connect with more clients. Bing Ads offers a significant number of an indistinguishable highlights from Adwords.

  • Visual account measurements for simple examination.
  • Access to all your campaign information in a single touch.
  • Effectively update budget plans and offers.
  • Access to Bing support specialists.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Facebook Ads Manager

Around 80 percent of online clients have a Facebook account. Truth be told, Facebook is Google Play’s most downloaded application.

You realise that Facebook offers a fantastic chance to meet new markets and change over people into genuine clients.

Facebook offers a PPC stage that cost not as much as many others. Combine this with the potential reach and you have accomplishment really taking shape on the off-chance that you stay aware of dealing with your record.

The Facebook Ads Manager application makes this simple.

Make ads, alter your advertisements, check how your advertisements are performing, and above all, stay in charge with the fundamental application on your mobile.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Reporting Mobile Apps

Google Analytics

In case you’re directing people to a site, you’ll likely need Google Analytics to take you a few layers further into your information, giving you more prominent experiences into how your campaigns are performing.

Google Analytics will keep you updated information about:

  • Your watchwords.
  • Search questions.
  • Show focusing on.
  • E-Commerce income.
  • and more.

You can likewise make up your own reports utilising any mix of measurements that you feel is imperative to your campaign achievement.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a paid search advertiser’s closest companion. You need this application for sure!

Accessible on Google Play Store and iTunes

Google Sheets

You can chip away at the Google Sheets application while offline to survey information, begin pulling execution information together, or essentially audit what’s going on in an account.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Google Docs

From making records to picking who they should be imparted to and reacting to remark comments progressively time, this application empowers you to share PPC campaign data, create call plans, and much more while you’re in a hurry.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Google Drive

All that you esteem about Google Sheets and Google Docs can be found inside the Google Drive application and brings these archives together in a simple to compose and get to dashboard.

By saving each record to your Google Drive you would now be able to get to reporting, procedure reports and call notes from anyplace.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.


Like Google Drive, Dropbox will keep your documents in a state of harmony for simple access over most of your gadgets and furthermore enable you to get to records while not connected. Maybe the main disadvantage is the constrained size in their free form.


  • Work on documents with others through shared folders.
  • Utilise the document scanner to turn receipts, whiteboards, and notes into PDFs.
  • Remark on documents to impart criticism to your group.
  • Match up, share, and alter Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Display and Creative Apps


In case you’re running a display or Facebook campaign, you’ll likely need an innovative resource without prior notice some point.

While Fiverr can be all in or all out as far as quality, with an exhaustive task ask for, you can get a benefit pivoted rapidly while in a hurry.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.


Seemingly a better option than Fiverr, Upwork will let you rapidly keep your creative undertakings moving by enabling you to:

  • Audit and contract specialists.
  • Venture deal with your inventive activities by setting turning points and estimating.
  • Audit and support documents or screenshots.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.


A strong photograph editing tool can be an advertiser’s closest companion, particularly if you’re running a PPC campaign via social media stages. Proficient looking pictures are an unquestionable need.

With 29 proficient level instruments and highlights, this application will take any picture, even the one you snap with your phone imprudently, and make it perfect and outwardly speaking to your potential clients. Awesome pictures urge people to click. Snapseed will make sure your pictures don’t crash and burn.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Google Photos

Google Photos will save you space on your phone and keep the feared “out of capacity” messages for iPhone clients.

More vitally, for advertisers, you can make photograph alters and join photographs together easily to shape liveliness and recordings.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.


Zoho CRM

Gaining clients and contacts through your PPC technique is just a large portion of the fight. When you get them, you should have the capacity to keep them.

Zoho CRM is an extraordinary application, particularly for independent companies where a customised way to deal with client relations isn’t just valued, yet anticipated. This application makes your life simpler by joining instrument that, at a certain point, you would’ve required a few applications for.

  • Manage leads, contacts, and assignments.
  • Effectively find essential data about your clients.
  • Find leads and contacts on maps and search the geographic information of your client base to enhance your SEM endeavors.
  • Get constant alarms and speak with your group.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.


PPC and email are two marketing techniques that work incredible together when you know how to use one to expand comes about with the other. PPC campaigns and Facebook lead advertisements are an extraordinary approach to develop your email list.

From your mobile phone you can make and manage campaigns, track income, ROI and online business deals, and effectively monitor account action that may some way or another fall under your radar.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Project Management


Diligent work and a ton of subtle elements go into making a fruitful PPC campaign.

When you begin to get comes about, it can end up plainly hard to check everything that should be done to keep your advertising methodology going solid, particularly on the off-chance that you work remotely or are much of the time out of the workplace.

This is the place the Trello application comes in.

Trello will enable you to make sheets and write all the important assignments that help you transform guests into clients. Furthermore, you can undoubtedly share and delegate to your group.

Keep in mind the energy of a decent organisational tool Trello is only the application you need.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.


Google Authenticator

More organisations are advancing toward two-advance check. A few organisations (like MailChimp) are currently offering discount for clients who use it. Exploit the extra layer of security when working remote.

When Google Authenticator is arranged, you will have the capacity to get check codes with or without a WiFi or cell connection.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.



IFTTT brings all your most loved administrations together to mechanise and enhance the way you use them. With more than 500 incorporations, you can streamline your social profile administration, add things to a Google Doc amazingly or send an email/content if you’re running late to that customer meeting.

Accessible in the Google Play Store and iTunes.


Promoting your business is diligent work. There is no motivation to not exploit awesome devices that have been planned with your developing business and your needs as a main priority.

These are the applications associations use consistently to make dealing with their customer’s business and PPC campaign less demanding and more effective than any time in recent memory. Ideally, they help do likewise for you

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