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Meet the New Gutenberg WordPress Editor

WordPress has changed radically from its initial days as a blogging-centered stage. Regardless, a couple of components have been modified little from its commencement –, for example, the way the editorial manager works. The community has offered substitute editors for quite a while, however now there's another choice coming soon. Read More

Interesting Ways Companies Use Big Data for Their Benefit

Big data refers to a term that portrays immense groups of data that might be organised, non-organised or semi-organised in nature. These changed informational collections having high-speed and volumes are prepared using the Big Data tools for information investigation. The analytics on these sets uncover noteworthy examples and patterns that turn out to be useful for the business. Read More

What to Do when .com you want is Unavailable?

You simply had a thought for another site. In any case, you do what everybody does today: you go to register a new domain. Unless you thought of a staggeringly remarkable domain thought, you will probably find somebody has effectively enrolled the .com kind of your space. Read More

5 Pro Tools for Developing Your First Progressive Web App

UX has been the point of convergence of present day web development for a long while now. A few variables affect this, including page loading speed, coherence, convenience, and design. Read More

How to Optimise App rankings to Boost Conversions

You’ve invested a much measure of cash and effort on the making of your application, so it's just normal that you need people to see it. Read More

How to promote your business smartly with Facebook Live

Live video has a specific charm that pre-recorded content can't match. It transforms your video into an ordeal and an occasion. Besides, it enables your gathering of people to deal with you progressively. Read More

Quick Nicks to Tackle Traffic drops After Web-Redesign

On the off chance that you've as of late propelled a web redesign, you were likely eager to see the consequences of your patched-up site, like traffic, transformations, and deals. Read More

Google’s New AI-Visual Wonder Turns Cameras to Search-box

Google Lens guarantees to comprehend, and let you know, precisely what is in each photograph. Read More

End of Apps and Rise of Bots

Messaging Bots taking over Mob Apps Read More

Why using an Agile methodology makes sense for Mobile App Development?

With the upgrade in the utilisation of smart phones, the market of mobile app development develops quickly. Read More
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