5 Essential Content Marketing Apps for Your Smartphone

As a content marketer, it's critical that you're ready to take a shot at the go.
Why? Because the absolute best content marketing efforts are based after astonishing thoughts and these don't generally originate from crouching around a whiteboard as a group, working in alone, or gazing at a screen for a considerable length of time upon end.

Astounding thoughts come by looking for motivation from some place new, teaming up with others, and keeping a nearby ear to the ground on interesting issues both inside your (or your client’s) industry and outside of it.

The way that an effective content marketing campaign rests upon an establishment of awesome thoughts nearly proposes that you should be ready to work any place, whenever. Nobody can control when that snapshot of motivation will come, either for that next huge content idea, the ideal method to show a thought, or an approach to bounce onto a trending theme.

If you aren’t mobile prepared as a content marketer, you’re likely either impeding the accomplishment of your campaigns or making abundance work for yourself.

Here are 5 fundamental content marketing applications for your smart phone.


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In case you’re a content marketer and aren’t utilising Quora; where have you been stowing away for as far back as couple of years?

Simply, Quora is a place to pick up and share information and it’s a goldmine for motivation for that next blog entry, infographic, or social talk.

Use it onto go on your phone to:

  • Stay up with the latest with the hotly debated issues the group is discussing.
  • Distinguish drifts in talk points.
  • Find the inquiries that are being inquired.

Could your next bit of content help to illuminate a usually made inquiry? Quora can help you to recognise these inquiries. It additionally gives you a stage to promote your content after it’s been delivered in applicable threads.

Use it for: Gaining knowledge into “hotly debated issues” inside your industry as motivation for your next bit of content.


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In case you’re working in content marketing, there’s a decent possibility that you look constantly for motivation for that next huge thought as content. Regardless of whether that is a content type you think could work splendidly to something of your own, an article to calendar to your social feeds, or maybe you’ve found another influence who could be instrumental in the advancement of your next campaign.

The issue regularly is, regardless, that you found these extraordinary bits of content unintentionally. Maybe somebody shared something via social media or you went over a “hotly debated issue” on LinkedIn while you’re driving.

On the off chance that you end up in this place consistently; you must download Pocket. Their exceptionally basic slogan reads: “When you find something you want to read later, put it in Pocket.”

Use it for: Producing your own swipe filter for content to back pedal to later.

Grammarly Keyboard 

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Ever needed to place together a last-minute blog entry post or send that immensely critical idea record abide far from your work area? Who hasn’t?

On the event when you’ve a critical bit of copy to write when you don’t have your PC or desktop to hand, your exclusive decision is regularly to use your phone. Furthermore, any person who has ever expected to do as such will know how even the best of marketing specialists fill find their mobile-written work loaded with spelling and grammatical mistakes.


Since mobile keyboards are damn hard to utilise!

On the off-chance that you ever end up attempting to write on your phone without committing humiliating errors, you must download Grammarly Keyboard.

This basic however helpful expansion to any application gives you a chance to write effortlessly, grabbing your missteps and proposing corrects.

Grammarly Keyboard will turn into your most-used application for working from mobile; ensured!

Use it for: Avoiding humiliating spelling and linguistic blunders when writing from your phone.


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You’re most likely officially comfortable with Reddit to some degree. Nevertheless, would you say you are utilising it as a major aspect of your content marketing campaign?

To numerous marketers, Reddit assumes two essential parts.

It’s an awesome wellspring of both motivation and research. Have a consuming inquiry which you’d love to get reactions for to use the information as a feature of an infographic or another campaign? Reddit’s people group can likely help if there’s a dynamic subreddit. Just need a simple to-take after nourishing of extraordinary content and talk in an industry? Reddit can likely enable you to out with that (once more, if there’s a dynamic subreddit).

It can be an extraordinary place to promote your completed content. Post the link in a subreddit and there’s a decent possibility you’ll increase some extraordinary criticism from the group and (as far as it’s a sufficiently solid idea) the potential for referral movement too!

Use it for: Researching content thoughts, gathering information, and promoting the completed item.


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Evernote is extraordinary for making notes in a hurry for the basic reason that these can essentially matchup between your various gadgets, guaranteeing you’re ready to use on your work area where you cleared out off on your phone.

What’s more, Evernote works flawlessly when you’re offline, synchronising back to your different gadgets when you have an association accessible.

You can carry out more than arrange content substance as notes in Evernote. You can likewise spare and match up joins, agendas, tables, pictures, and even sound accounts.

You’ll additionally think that its less demanding than any time in recent memory to team up with others through the basic offer usefulness.

As a content marketer, it’s a straightforward answer for keeping notes in a simple to get to area which you can take a shot at from anyplace, on any gadget.

Evernote isn’t proposed as an instrument to compose your next vial post in. It’s just some place to start the ideation and advancement stages.

Use it for: Making and sharing notes over your many gadgets and imparting to different partners.

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