15 Easy Ways for Increasing Productivity on Your Commute

Setting aside that additional opportunity to consider every assignment can help you organise and set practical desires.

1) Create your schedule for the day.

Applications: Wunderlist, Evernote, Dragon Dictation
In case you’re the sort of individual who likes to get composed first thing in the morning, invest some energy posting the things you have to fulfill that day. Setting aside that additional opportunity to consider every assignment can help you organise and set practical desires.


There are various schedule applications out there, yet Wunderlist and Evernote are among the best. They match up between your cell phones and your PCs and permit you to move and customise undertakings amongst days and classifications, and in addition set cautions and due dates. You can even impart records and notes to others.
For you drivers out there, you can utilise the free application Dragon Dictation to get your schedule (and some other considerations) down on your telephone. Basically, talk while the application is recording, and your content substance will show up. In case you’re an enthusiastic Evernote client, take note of that Evernote additionally has a voice recording capacity, as well.

2) Learn a dialect.

Application: Duolingo


Some time ago, perhaps after school, you were practically conversant in Spanish. On the other hand, French.Then again something else you learned in school. Be that as it may, then, you quit rehearsing.Need to recover your dialect abilities on track? Duolingo is an awesome (and free) application that makes (re)learning dialects fun. Every lesson is short, effortless, and super visual. Slate called it “the most gainful method for stalling I’ve ever found.” Be cautioned, however – it can get addictive.

3) Set and monitor your objectives.

Application: Coach.me
Trust it or not, there’s another year right around the bend. Furthermore, in case you’re into resolutions, checking your advance routinely and discovering approaches to remain persuaded is vital to looking after them. The free form of the Coach.me application lets you set individual and expert targets, get updates, and pick whether to make your accomplishments noticeable to a group of dynamic clients so you can give and get bolster. Also, beginning at $15 every week, you can enlist a mentor to really help you accomplish them

4) Clear your inbox.

Applications: Gmail, ASAM


There’s something so fulfilling about landing at the workplace with a clean inbox. That is the reason I get a kick out of the chance to experience messages and erase anything unessential before I even get into work. It spares me no less than a half hour and lost force amid my most profitable time of day.
In case you’re driving, you can utilise ASAM – a free application from Agile Speech – to “peruse” your messages. The application will read your messages boisterously and word-for-word. (Furthermore, when I say word-for-word, I mean it peruses everything – disclaimers, marks, and other data you might’ve skipped something else.) When the message is done, the application will “ding” and you have the alternative to direct an answer.

5) Listen to a podcast or book recording.

Applications: Stitcher, Podcasts, This American Life, Audible
On the off chance that you’d rather not invest any more energy gazing at a screen amid your drive, then listening to a podcast or book recording can be a truly wonderful approach to invest any time span. Besides, you’ll take in a considerable measure of truly cool data you can inspire your companions with later.
The free application Stitcher gives you a chance to make playlists of all your most loved podcasts.
6) Read a real book.

Applications: iBooks, Kindle, Zinio, Apple News
For news and magazines, we like Apple’s News application, which gives you a chance to look over an immeasurable inventory of productions that you can read right from your telephone. You can store your top picks and look over them with a straightforward tap.
Yet, for real books, there are the Kindle and iBooks applications, which let you download full perusing materials and appreciate them from your telephone or tablet. Fuel exchanges any digital book buys you’ve made on Amazon right to your gadget, so you can take in whatever incredible writing you it would be ideal if you right from the transport or metro.

7) Read the articles you’ve bookmarked.

Application: Pocket
Utilising the Pocket application, you can spare articles (and recordings, and basically any kind of substance) in one place for simple perusing on your drive. You can spare substance specifically from your program, messages, or from more than 500 applications like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse, and Zite. So, while Evernote is an extraordinary application for long haul content stockpiling, Pocket is ideal for bookmarking stuff to peruse later.

8) Read the most up to date posts from your most loved online sources.

Applications: Feedly
We’ve concealed how to get on the most recent substance from your most loved productions. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about your most loved web journals or other online news sources? Feedly is a RSS peruser that gives you a chance to subscribe to the distributors whose presents you never need on miss. You can isolate them into various records, check articles as “read,” share your most loved pieces, and even peruse for new substance.

Social Networks

9) Get your web-based social networking fix off the beaten path.

Applications: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more …

Not every one of us are sufficiently fortunate to incorporate perusing and posting on individual online networking accounts in our sets of expectations. Resist the desire to check your news sustains and notices at work by doing it to your heart’s substance amid your drive.

10) Brush up on your advertising and deals advance.

Application: HubSpot Mobile

Keep in mind those occasions when you completely must be at your work area to complete your work? Those days are near being gone, thanks to some extent to the new HubSpot Mobile application.

With this application, you can exploit your HubSpot programming, regardless of the possibility that you’re on the go. It begins with an adaptable dashboard that gives you an initially breakdown of the most essential measurements to you – presentation page, blog, and email execution, and in addition arrangements and deals assignments.
You can likewise effortlessly get to your contacts database, advertising bits of knowledge (like email investigation) and your business pipeline. For that last part, you can utilize the application to include notes, exercises, or errands, and monitor bargain stages.

11) Clean your house.

App: iRobot HOME
Weekends: The perfect time to catch up with friends, family, the TV you missed last week and house-cleaning. Okay, how many of us really get around to that last one?


But my colleague, let me in on a little secret about the internet of things. Thanks to its HOME app, if you own an iRobot device like Roomba, you can remotely clean your house from your mobile device.
“My new favorite productivity app is from iRobot,” she told me. “I can turn on my Roomba and clean my floor, and not have to vacuum later.”
What’s more? You can even set a cleaning schedule for the week, in case you forget to spontaneously turn on your devices.

12) Clean up your Twitter channel.

Application: Twindr
Twindr is a free application that works sort of like Tinder, yet to unfollowing individuals on Twitter. All it takes is a couple of brisk swipes to tidy up your supporter check.

13) Get zen.

Applications: Insight Timer, Personal Zen, Headspace
Mondays, amirite? Abruptly, amidst pre-workday standing rest among the tram masses, you discover your mind flooding with a mental schedule of all the stuff you didn’t complete when you exited the workplace early last Friday.
On the off chance that this situation sounds commonplace, you must inhale – which can be difficult to do on a Monday morning. Yet, there are applications out there that can help you get zen amid your drive, regardless of to what extent it is.
We particularly like Insight Timer, since – as its name recommends – you can really set a clock for the window you need to contemplate and select a blend of encompassing sounds to use out of sight. Then again, you can choose from any number of the application’s guided contemplation’s.

14) Set a stage objective for the day.

Applications: Fitbit, Withings, Jawbone UP, Apple Health
An extraordinary approach to get more practice and smolder more calories for the duration of the day is by building incremental physical exercises into your day by day schedule. On the off chance that sounds like your style, utilise an application like Fitbit or Withings to set stride objective for each of your drives.

Jawbone UP

(While these organisations offer costly gadgets that match up with their applications, they can gauge your means for nothing.) And on the off chance that you have an iPhone, the Health application will track any means you take when you have your gadget with you.

Every morning and evening, attempt to hit your objective. In the event that you drive, stop your auto some separation far from the workplace and walk whatever is left of the way. On the off chance that you take the prepare or a transport, get off a stop or two early and walk whatever remains of the way. In the event that your method of transportation gets deferred, recover your means in by strolling and forward on the stage.

15) Plan your dinners.

Applications: Eat This Much, Pepper-plate, BigOven
You buckle down. Your days are long. That is the reason it’s so natural to fall back on something that is brisk and as of now arranged for supper. In any case, you don’t need to succumb to the path of least resistance – in the event that you prepare. There are applications out there that can help you do that, by making it easy to arrange your dinners for the week ahead of time.

We get particularly geeked-out over the Eat This Much application, to some extent since it’s connected to staple conveyance applications, on the off chance that they’re accessible in your general vicinity. Also, it lets you set sustenance objectives and set parameters for any dietary confinements you may have, similar to veggie lover, without gluten, or particular nourishment hypersensitivities.







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